The Autumn 2021 Competition

Swiss Bob, Going Postal
© Swiss Bob, Going Postal 2021

All Articles published from the 25th October until the 26th November will be eligible. Sadly no holidays abroad as prizes again this year. 1st will receive an engraved Dartington Crystal tankard/glass plus a case of wine, or the equivalent in Hooky beer (Update 23rd Oct – and a bar of silver!). There will of course be generous additional prizes for 2nd, 3rd 4th etc so at the very least you should win a mug!

All articles published will automatically be entered. Results to be announced at the beginning of December in time to get prizes to the winners for Christmas.

Send me your contributions, essays, cartoons, postcards etc here Autumn 2021 Competition please.

Closing date for entries is Friday 26th 19th November. Poll will open Monday 29th November and close 3rd December.

Christmas merchandise

Our supplier has come up with some stocking fillers, Christmas cards and assorted GP knick-knackery. Support the site and also receive superb quality tat! If you don’t have one already our mugs are quality as anyone who has one will tell you.

I thought I might also offer a postal service so you can send each other Christmas cards via GP if there’s any interest. Let me know what you think.

See the menu at the top of the site under ‘merchandise’, or you’ll find links to the various items here:

Christmas 2021

I’d also like to thank everyone who’s supported the site this year and given the difficult circumstances it is especially appreciated.

If you don’t already support the site and would like to contribute you can do so using the link below, you can choose to make a one off, or a monthly contribution. The site can only continue with your support.

Other ways to contribute, send articles for publication or use the Amazon links (at no cost to you) which you’ll find on all the merchandise pages and elsewhere. It doesn’t generate much but every penny does count.

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