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The Eagle

In the first part of this mini-series we looked at the background of the F-15’s gestation, the combat experience in Vietnam, the development of new Soviet fighters and how these all influenced the F-X programme [more…]


The Eagle

In my last mini-series of articles we had a look at the Boeing 737. I hope you came away from that with a better appreciation of what a remarkable machine it is and a testament [more…]



The N word is a dirty word in our society today. It carries connotations of racism, prejudice, supremicism, violence and a multitude of other unpleasantness. It is to be attacked and ridiculed wherever it is [more…]



Sixty Million Years Ago You Would’ve Been Their Lunch Ever since we met my wife had wanted a parrot. Personally I had zero interest in them but she had kept a Cockatiel for many years [more…]


The Red Peril

I’m Here To Talk To You Today About Our Lord and Saviour, Jeremy Corbyn and His Message Of Socialism and Free Stuff For All It’s no great revelation to anyone who regularly frequents Going Postal [more…]