Die Rote Drei

This is yet again, based on the reminiscences of Dr Wilhelm Flicke – Die Rote Drei , or the Red Three , referred to three locations around Lake Geneva that were transmitting intelligence back to [more…]


Hano – what?

And now for something completely different. As we all must assume, Hanover has existed before giving birth to a British dynasty and for reasons completely beyond their current socialist city government’s control, it still carries [more…]


Die Rote Kapelle

“Die rote Kapelle” was the name given to an agent transmitter discovered by the Germans in Belgium. They applied the term Kapelle to every case so there was the “Schrammel-Kapelle” , “Zither-Kapelle” , “Blas-Kapelle” an [more…]


The Castle

I love castles and have always found their development and changing functions fascinating. They show social, military and political history. They are a physical representation of the past, and yet many of them are still in [more…]