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Below you can order 1, 2, or 3 key rings. I’m sure you can find less expensive key rings but bear in mind the price includes a small contribution to GP. I have tiered the prices, 1 for £4.99, 2 for £9.49 & 3 for £12.99.

New You can now buy six for £20. All the rectangular puffins, including two new key ring designs, Christmas and Party puffin!

You can see all available images for your keyring here: GP Mugs

On the order form there’s a text box to enter the image description(s) you’d like on your key ring(s), the images in the order table below are examples. Images Mug1 – Mug4 are rectangular, the Great Seal & Great Seal colour are circular.

List of available images

  • Mug1 (Rectangular)
  • Mug2 (Rectangular)
  • Mug3 (Rectangular)
  • Mug4 (Rectangular)
  • GS for Great Seal (Circular)
  • GSC for Great Seal Colour (Circular)
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Any questions send me an email, or leave a comment.

Swiss Bob