To have a liberal commenting policy that allows people to express themselves as fully as possible without damaging this site, or abusing other posters on it.



Pornography and racist language are not wanted, it damages the site and devalues the work everyone puts in. This site is fundamentally for people interested in politics, even if most of you think of it as a pub.


I would like people to be able to use the site at work without a massive pair of knockers, or worse appearing on the screen. It’s fine for those of you on mobile devices but if you’re sat in front of a large screen which other people can see. .  .

No music videos. Don’t bother complaining if they get deleted.

Evenings and weekends

Images of a more liberal nature and music videos are allowed.

How you will be moderated

Comments that contravene moderation policy will be deleted. Before you pointlessly complain do please F5/refresh or check your Disqus account to see if your comment has actually been deleted. Disqus is notorious for disappearing comments, it is not ideal but there’s nothing better.

Update 13th May 2018 Disqus also has an auto spam function over which I have no control. If you have a new account, if you have not posted any comments here before and you post a link, it may well trigger the auto spam function. There are a number of other ways you may trigger the auto spam function. At some point I will review them, so don’t panic.

The only place I’ve seen with a complete absence of comment moderation are YouTube comments. It is not something I wish to emulate.

Enjoy. If you’re not enjoying it then take a break.

Swiss Bob