• Computing


    There are 33 million drivers in the UK. It is therefore highly unlikely if you are reading this book you are not a driver. For the last twenty years you have been made to feel [more...]
  • 21st Century

    F-35 – What’s The Big Deal?

    Most of you will be aware that the Royal Air Force (and Royal Navy) are currently inducting a new combat aircraft into service. The Lockheed F-35 Lightning II. This is the aircraft the Royal Navy’s [more...]
  • Fiction

    Joe Malone, Part Thirty

    I could see a church spire up ahead. Excellent, I thought, as I made my way along the street towards the church. I stopped across the road to observe the place for a moment. “The [more...]
  • 17th Century

    Postcard From Dorset, Part One

    Mrs C. and I are lucky enough to have friends in Devon who have a spare bedroom which they are happy for us to occupy a couple of times a year. We’d visited them at [more...]

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