• 20th Century

    From Guinea Pigs to CCAST

    Part 1 – Joint Doctrine for Medical Support, The Operational Context  “If any good can be said to come of war, then the Second War War must go on record as assisting and accelerating one [more...]
  • Bill Quango MP, Going Postal

    Joe Malone, Part Sixty-Eight

    I went over to the coffee area. Stood in front of the table facing the silver urns and china cups, my back to the rest of the room. More importantly, my back to the CCTV. [more...]
  • Lugosi, Going Postal

    Wendyball and BLM

    I write this article as Keir Starmer says he can’t support BLM due to their Marxist/Socialist  ideas about defunding the police and Matt Le Tissier, a famous footballer and Sky TV soccer pundit questions whether [more...]
  • Arts

    The attitude should be gratitude

    During these increasingly polarized times, it is easy for logical debates to give way to emotionally charged shouting matches. Once the idea of free dialogue is gone, riots, destruction and violence are sure to follow, [more...]

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