• Biography

    Still Not The Right Way To Put Out A Fire

    You may remember some months back I related a story of my first fire exercise sailing under the Red Duster. I was somewhat unimpressed having come from a different seafaring outfit where these things were [more...]
  • Arts

    Postcard from Canada, No 8

    “The Raven and the First Men sculpture was commissioned by Walter and Marianne Koerner for the University of British Columbia’s Museum of Anthropology, in Vancouver, British Columbia, where the sculpture is currently on display. It [more...]
  • Animals

    Aquarium – Corals

    With all the fish in place, the next step up is coral. There are two types generally stocked, soft Corals and Hard Corals – the soft ones are easier to look after, needing less light, [more...]
  • Arts

    What Government Can – And Cannot Do

    Whenever confronting a puzzling situation, it’s  worth asking how it came about. When doing this I usually find it helpful to write about it and, given my personal orientation, my way through the maze is [more...]

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