• Hobbies

    0.999 … = 1

    It really does. Many people have a problem accepting this equality. The ellipsis denotes that the nines continue forever; there is no last nine. Jen the Blue brought this up one night recently.  I didn’t [more...]
  • History

    The Dieppe Raid 1942 Part Two

    Embarkation and Departure Although it wasn’t until 18th August 1942 that the go-ahead for the Dieppe Raid was given, the preparations had started much earlier. The Churchills of the Calgary Tanks were hauled to Gosport [more...]
  • Fiction

    Tilda and the Witches 5.2

    ACT 5 SCENE 2 The Seraglio of Gonbad’s Palace in Uttalibad. CONCUBINES are chained to the Wall, including ETHYLENE and OCTANE. Enter TILDA, VULPECULA and JESSICA, escorted by KEVIN, accompanied by a EUNUCH GUARD.
  • Arts

    Archery from a newbie

    I first encountered archery on a stag night I had arranged for my soon to be thrice married best mate. We had all arrived the previous night and had sunk the obligatory massive amounts of [more...]
  • Fiction

    The Unseen Path – Part Fifty Nine

    He was strolling along the street with George Edward to get some outside air, hardly fresh in central London, and a sandwich.  George had seemed unusually keen on accompanying him, had insisted he pay and [more...]