• Authoritarianism

    Globalism – What’s Not To Like About It?

    In the 20th Century we saw multiple attempts to implement Communism in various places around the world. The advocates of Communism believed by removing the rights of one to own private property and by re-distributing [more...]
  • Fiction

    The Unseen Path – Part Forty Five

    Her day had dragged like no other she had experienced; she’d had a couple of quick calls from Elaine to say there was no change. How was she keeping? Probably not that much different from [more...]
  • Arts

    Bidding for Tenders

    Introduction This is intended to be a short series of articles which it is hoped will cast a little light on the curious world of commercial bids and tenders. While the focus is on the [more...]
  • Hobbies

    Crossword No. 17

    Answers with next week’s crossword. Solution to Crossword No. 16 Across 8 Syrian 9 Windrush 10 Illegals 11 Apple 12 Asking 14 Muezzins 15 Escorts 16 Schisms 20 Bad mouth 23 Losers 24 Kangs 25 [more...]