• Arts

    Fish & Ships

    I’d like to begin by introducing you to a rather special lady. She was born in February 1957, the first of twelve sisters. A real local lass, she lived and worked from the Humber all [more...]
  • Authoritarianism

    Mask Mongs

    Masks, masks, everywhere and all the hubs did shrink. Everywhere I go there are masked goons, in cars alone, on pavements alone, wearing them in all sorts of places where they are not required by [more...]
  • Health

    Mass (Mis)(In)Formation Psychosis

    Immodium is MFP. MFP has come to consciousness out of Covid and the idea that the “Masses” are willing to sacrifice freedoms to get the cure and undertake behaviours to save their lives. MFP existed [more...]

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