• Barbican, Going Postal

    Temporary Jobs

    I was saddened to learn that Richard Williams has died. He was the Richard Williams of Cartoons. Proper real cartoons with animators drawing the sequences on celluloid just like the Disney bods did back in [more...]
  • European Union

    To Brussels with UKIP, Part One

    The EU Commission and Council do their work unmolested by public scrutiny, but, if so minded, you can visit the European Parliament. I did so in 2016, by invitation of one of my MEPs, and [more...]
  • 20th Century

    Ends and Means

    Back Channels The events in Londonderry on the 30th January 1972 that became known as Bloody Sunday are still in the news today and still a cause of controversy. Whilst the shooting of civilians by [more...]
  • James Dalton, Going Postal

    Confronting The Climate Emergency, Part 5

    The fourth meeting of the Holme Valley Parish Council Climate Emergency Steering Group [HVPCCESG] took place on 10/7/19. Unfortunately I was unable to attend this rearranged meeting and sent my apologies. Interesting facts: Carbon dioxide [more...]
  • Fiction

    Joe Malone, Part Twenty-Six

    Private Investigator Joe Malone is down in the basement of his office building. Checking on a strange noise. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I saw an even bigger safety code violation. A waste [more...]

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