• Fiction

    The Dismantlers

    He was surprised to have a call from the Surgery to say that his Doctor wanted a word: surprised, because they had been incommunicado since lockdown began, doubly so now, since she had invited him [more...]
  • Cooking

    Knives and keeping them sharp

    So.. we’ve discussed my obsession with Japanese knives (see: An introduction to Japanese knives) and there were lots of lovely comments, but one came through most – how to keep a knife sharp! This article [more...]
  • Economics

    Reality check: The “miracle recovery” narrative

    Over the last few weeks, we’ve been constantly bombarded by news reports and “expert” analyses celebrating an incredible global economic recovery. They’re not even presented as projections or expectations anymore, but as a fact, as though [more...]
  • Jim Walshe, Going Postal

    Coronavirus – the inevitable inquiry

    When, this bloody war is ooooover, Oh, how happy I will beeeee. That’s how I feel about that virus! At some stage, we do need to get back to normal.  Remember those days, when you’d [more...]

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