• Animals

    Larry’s Diary Week Fifty Nine

    Monday Good Morning merry readers, Monday again and Yah it was back to Felix with Gravy this morning. I must have eaten all the stuff with jelly. It wasn’t chicken but beef, not quite as [more...]
  • Arts

    The Swaling, Part Twenty One

    Our night of espionage, from my modest accommodations near to the notorious wall at Tangiers docks, had been cancelled. A much reduced number of comings and goings would pass unnoticed. The Gods of weather were [more...]
  • 39 Pontiac Dream, Going Postal

    My Driving Report: Year One

    When I passed my driving test last year and we bought our first car on the 4th of September, I vowed to jot down – a year on – what I had learned from driving [more...]
  • Hobbies

    Crossword No. 136

    First correct entry out of ‘the hat’ wins a GP mug. Email entries to me by 6.00 pm Sunday, subject ‘Crossword’. Contact here on email Last week’s winner. 135 – AT. Answers with next week’s [more...]

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