• Fiction

    The Tortures of the Quarantined

    Simon Marmeladov  was in Greece learning Greek. Because Santorini tends to be rather hot in June, the lessons started at seven in the morning and finished at eleven. This arrangement suited Simon who had become [more...]
  • Emile Woolf. Going Postal

    “Back to Basics” – International Trade

    Trade Surpluses and Deficits Any country’s trade balance is the difference between the totals of its exports and imports respectively, as measured in its own currency. To the extent that its exports exceed its imports, [more...]
  • James Dalton, Going Postal

    Racism – The Root of All Evil

    There was a time when the love of money was the root of all evil. Then socialists in schools tweaked that lesson ever so subtly and suddenly, unnoticed, money was the root of all evil. [more...]
  • Fiction

    The Man Who Played Ross – Chapter 9

    January 1997 – Salisbury Plain It could have been anywhere, Northern Ireland, Bosnia, but this time it was Wiltshire. The C130 rattled the window frames as it passed 200 feet above the houses below, leaving [more...]
  • Animals

    Larry’s Diary, Week Eighty Two

    Monday At breakfast this morning Bozzie was still ecstatic from hitting the 15,000,000 vaccination target with yesterday’s announced numbers. He keeps muttering about doubters and distracters. He was asked why in some places they had [more...]

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