• Capitalism

    Red Tape

      Tied up in Red Tape around a Death As some of you may remember my Mother died back at the end of March. She was nearly 100 so it was not really unexpected but [more...]
  • Martianonlooker, Going Postal

    A hell of a commute

    This is a tale of what was once my daily commute for a few months during the 70s. Admittedly, not one of the Mogadishu Express to Kings Cross or the hell of the M25 car [more...]
  • Arts

    The Novichok doll’s house

    Meet Bill and Chiara. Bill and Chiara are genuine refugees from the aberrant dictatorship of Tortuous Mong. Dissidents living in exile have nicknamed Tortuous Mong “The Nerve Agent” because she shattered her own people’s nerves. [more...]
  • Barbican, Going Postal

    An Eventful Ride, Part Three

    As I live in Cornwall where the temperature rarely gets into the mid seventies Fahrenheit and where , living as I do overlooking the English Channel, the ambient humidity levels are so high, 66% on [more...]

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