• 20th Century

    Postcard From Peter Hitchens, Part Five

    I’ve been following Daily Mail columnist and author Peter Hitchens – literally. The surprise being we only recently fell into correspondence. Both of us are keen on railways and church, enjoyed minor public school and [more...]
  • Hobbies

    Return to Brigg

    A few weeks back I did a piece on the spectacular Alishan mountain line in Taiwan. One day, I might do something on the Gono line around the wild, craggy northwest coast of Honshu. Or [more...]
  • Arts

    Always Worth Saying’s Question Time Review

    Question Time 16th May 2024 The Panel: Meghan Gallagher (Conservative) Anas Sarwar (Labour) Stephen Flynn (SNP) Alex Salmond (Alba) Iain Dale (Broadcaster) Venue: Aberdeen Meghan Gallacher is currently Deputy Leader of the Scottish Conservatives and [more...]

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