• Cooking

    A rather respectable lasagne

    Want to cause an argument? Especially with an Italian? Bring up the subject of Italian food, the ingredients, the cooking methodology and it is like releasing a instant verbal and emotional whirlwind. No Italian dish [more...]
  • 20th Century

    The Desert War – November 1941

    We reach November 80 years ago. In the 16 or so months since the start of the campaign in June 1940 we have seen us nibble at the Italians in Libya, the Italians attack us [more...]
  • Economics

    Public Waste & Private Thrift

    Veteran observers of economic folly have the advantage of experience. They are already familiar with the failed policies being enacted, yet again, by unprincipled politicians whose sole motivation is re-election. In the meanwhile these pillars [more...]

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