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    Disclosure – F For You

      For those of you having difficulty finding your profiles so you can set up your avatars on the forum, click here Gravatar, create an account with the same email address and upload your picture, [more...]
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    The Electric Guitar

    The one on the left is a Gibson Les Paul, introduced in 1952. The one on the right is a Fender Stratocaster (“Strat”), introduced in 1954. Why don’t they sound the same? Two electric guitars. [more...]
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    Question Time with Going Postal

    Graphic EJ David Dimbleby chairs debate from Leeds. On the panel are James Cleverly, deputy chair of the Conservative Party who campaigned for Britain to leave the EU, shadow attorney general and member of the [more...]
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    Welcome to the GP Forums

    Firstly, there is no intent to move commenting to the forum. Comments on the forum use a different comment system and you will need to register. Some authors already have logins and if you haven’t [more...]