• DH, Going Postal

    Lords and Ladies, Part Three

    Thresher sullenly pushed a broom across the dining room floor, broken crockery and shards of glass clinking as he shuffled along. Tiny fragments and splinters littered every nook and cranny, glinting and winking under cabinets [more...]
  • Biography

    Sailing my life away, part 3

    Jacques (As You Like it, Act 2 Scene 7) describes seven ages of man. In looking back on my own life I can identify with the first four and, being near the early stages of the [more...]
  • Godfrey Bloom, Going Postal

    The End of the British Monarchy?

    It grieves me deeply to have to write this piece, I am a staunch monarchist as are my forbears & extended family, I hold the Queen’s Commission as did my father & have written extensively  [more...]
  • Engineering

    Cnuteneering, Part Four

    Welcome back to Cnuteneering, where the possible is made more difficult by bone headed ignorance, overenthusiasm and pointy metal things being brought together. You may want to refresh your memory on the project in: Part [more...]

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