• Arts

    Three Men on a Bike, Part One

    I suppose it must have been during the 1965 Easter break from the Sixth Form that Bogs, Cough, Pat and myself decided that during the summer months between the AS level exams and the start [more...]
  • 20th Century

    2 – The Venona Project

    The Venona Project was launched by the US Army Signal Intelligence Service in February 1943. The Russians had sent thousands and thousands of coded and enciphered messages over commercial telegraph services. The US Army decided [more...]
  • Arts

    PMQs with Going Postal

    Link to PMQs on Parliament TV, or watch on GP TV. Agenda Oral questions – Wales Prime Minister’s Question Time Ten Minute Rule Motion – Ancient Woodland Inventory (England) Michael Fabricant MP (Lichfield, Conservative) Consideration [more...]
  • Fiction

    Joe Malone, Part One

    This story is in the near future. The United Kingdom has left and not left the European Union. The country is united by division. Everything is just like it is today, only more so. The [more...]
  • Godfrey Bloom, Going Postal

    Democracy, Did It Ever Exist

    The original concept of democracy as envisaged by the ancient Athenians was a society which governed itself under the guiding hand of citizens who were the contributors to that society.To use the American expression, they [more...]

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