• Patrick Barron, Going Postal

    The Truth About Central Banks

    Most of the world takes it for granted that central banks are necessary for the smooth conduct of trade, both foreign and domestic. Nothing could be further from the truth. Let’s be clear. Central banks [more...]
  • OldTrout, Going Postal

    Generalised Pentagonal Numbers

    We considered the pentagonal numbers which begin : That is : for Now consider the following sequence : which begins at and has a common difference of between the terms. For any arithmetic sequence, we [more...]
  • 19th Century

    A Bear’s Diary – Part 9

    June 25th, 1809. We are returned to London. Our journey from Portsmouth was necessarily a slow one, as no stagecoach driver will countenance adding eight bears to his passengers. In any case, Fred deemed it [more...]
  • Hobbies

    Crossword No. 54

    First correct entry out of ‘the hat’ wins a pair of GP coasters. Email entries to me by 6.00 pm tomorrow subject ‘Crossword’. Contact here on email Last weeks’ winners. tbd – Swiss Bob is [more...]

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