• 19th Century

    Clevedon Pier

    Clevedon is a small town in North Somerset, located on the English side of the Bristol Channel approximately 15 miles west of Bristol. It has a wonderful pier with an interesting history which I thought [more...]
  • Computing

    Cnuteneering, Part Sixteen

    Welcome back to Cnuteneering, where the possible is made more difficult by bone headed ignorance, overenthusiasm and pointy metal things being brought together. You may want to refresh your memory on the project in: Part [more...]
  • Blown Periphery, Going Postal

    The Man Who Played Ross – Part 18

    Operation Hussite – October 2005 Jarvis was having a late morning in his flat at Abergavenny, watching the young woman make them brunch. He had to admit that she was very easy on the eye, [more...]
  • Animals

    Larry’s Diary, Week Ninety Two

    Monday Morning everyone, another nice sunny morning, but a bit windy. It ruffled my fur when I went out before my Felix. I forgot to mention that one day last week something went wrong with [more...]

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