• Arts

    Listen again

    I was 17 and probably on my second car as the first one was too far gone on the floors and sills to be worth repairing. I was attending College and hung around with a [more...]
  • Economics

    Private property rights under siege

    People invest in gold for many different reasons. Many do so out of concern over economic, monetary or political uncertainty. Others seek a hedge against inflation, a way to protect and preserve the real purchasing [more...]
  • Elections

    Polling Predictions #3

    Here we are with the 3rd instalment concerning UK Polling Report’s tweets. As has been mentioned more than once in the comments that nobody reads, beware of polls. I had hoped there would have been [more...]
  • Human Interest

    Always Worth Saying’s Car Review

    Prelude? Yes, prelude. The Honda Prelude? No. The type of prelude that the dictionary reveals as an action or event serving as an introduction to something more important. Let me begin. The marketing gurus ask [more...]

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