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    Writing and Publishing a Novel

    In life you meet many people who say they have a novel that they want to write, but how many ever even start, let alone finish?  A tiny percentage I would guess.  I know someone [more...]
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    Roger Ackroyd’s Question Time Review

    Question Time 21st November 2019 Panel: Robert Jenrick (Tory) Chukka Umunna (Labour/Change/Independent/Lib Dem) Philippa Whitford (SNP) Richard Burgon (Trotskyist/Marxist/Labour/Petomane) Sherelle Jacobs (Journo) Venue: Bolton Bolton voted 58% leave. The only panellist that is remotely a [more...]
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    Going Postal with Question Time

    Graphic EJ – Updated by Sam. Fiona Bruce presents an hour of topical debate from Bolton. On the panel are: Secretary of state for housing, communities and local government Robert Jenrick – remainer, shadow secretary [more...]
  • Authoritarianism

    Hong Kong Protests – the Prequel

    The recent ‘Hong Kong Protests’ piece attracted several comments and questions, but notably ‘Why now?’ and ‘What started this?’ So here is ‘Hong Kong Protests – the Prequel’. A long time ago, during the premiership [more...]

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