• Arts

    Always Worth Saying’s Question Time Review

    Question Time December 7th 2023 The Panel: Steve Brine (Conservative) Johnny Mercer (Conservative) Anneliese Dodds (Labour) Peter Hitchens (Journalist and Author) George Monbiot (Writer and Environmental Activist) Venue: Petersfield George Monbiot (not his full name, [more...]
  • Technology

    Postcard From Spy Island

    In more relaxed times, a flight known as the Trooper originates from RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire. This summer, despite the weather, Operation Red Top was initiated to reduce heat damage to the base’s runway, [more...]
  • Hobbies

    The Tale of my Old Dumper, Part Four

    Perhaps it’s worth mentioning the tool I use for cutting sheet and plate steel, a standard 4.5 inch angle grinder. ½ inch thickness can be dealt with quite easily and if you mark the job [more...]
  • 20th Century

    The Muslim Brotherhood, Part Seven

    With Charles Lynton playing his alphabet soup word games, the West opted to ignore the religionist/secularist opposition which was slowly eating away in the Muslim world, and chose to concentrate their efforts only on the [more...]

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