• Alexsandr too, Going Postal

    Prostitution law in the UK

    Prostitution Law Some time ago there was a planning application for a ‘sexual encounter establishment’ all over the local paper. It was to be a lap dancing club. But people made some inflammatory statements, so [more...]
  • Viciousbutfair, Going Postal

    Dear Local MP – At This Special Time

    Just to explain, I was more incensed than usual, just very recently, at a propaganda sheet pushed through my letterbox. It was from my local MP, I’ve not named the constituency but it is easily [more...]
  • Fiction

    Joe Malone, Part Forty-One

    Ch 41 – A walk in the moonlight. “Where are we?” I asked Gill. He was resealing his ‘passengers’ back into the thin, false container. Screwing the aluminium into place with a hand drill. I’d [more...]
  • Authoritarianism

    Be careful what you wish for

    There is a certain segment of society that is sufficiently deficient in self-awareness, social conscience, understanding, and indeed wisdom, that they are incapable of any ethical or moral position other than that which is floated [more...]

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