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    Roger Ackroyd’s Question Time Review

    Question Time 21st March 2019 Panel: Tobias Ellwood (Tory. Remainer) Nick Thomas-Symonds (Labour. Remainer) Jeffrey Donaldson (DUP. ) John O’Dowd (Sinn Fein.) Polly MacKenzie (Demos.) Venue: Belfast Of this motley crew only Ellwood has a [more...]
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    Going Postal with Question Time

    Graphic EJ – Updated by Sam. Fiona Bruce presents an hour of topical debate from Belfast. On the panel: Conservative defence minister and former captain in the Royal Green Jackets Tobias Ellwood MP, who became [more...]
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    PMQs with Going Postal

    Link to PMQs on Parliament TV, or watch on GP TV. Agenda Oral questions: International Development (including Topical Questions) Prime Minister’s Question Time Ten Minute Rule Motion: Destitution Domestic Violence Concession (Eligibility) Kirsty Blackman MP [more...]
  • Authoritarianism

    Globalism v. Nationalism Revisited

    A while ago I wrote a piece on Globalism v. Nationalism. In essence I argued that the old Left v. Right politics was breaking down, and that instead politics was realigning on Globalist v. Nationalist [more...]

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