• Health

    How to hypnotise someone

    I warn you to try any of this with caution. Don’t use it to treat anyone because you aren’t qualified to deal with any problems arising. Use it to help someone relax and feel good, [more...]
  • Arts

    Kenneth (Ken) Essex Hits a Century!

    Kenneth Essex, one of the most respected viola players of our time, celebrates his 100th birthday on Monday 20th July 2020. Born the son of a Co-op baker and confectionery manager in Hinkley, Leicestershire he [more...]
  • well_chuffed, Going Postal
    20th Century

    The Desert War – July 1940

    Now we reach the 80th anniversary of July 1940 in the Desert War. Slim pickings in Libya and Egypt this month, both sides were gearing up for battle but the Navies were kept on their [more...]
  • Biography

    Hashtag Henry!

    It is the time of year when the wife launches her annual campaign to get me to agree to replace our old Henry the Hoover with a modern upright machine. As ever my response is [more...]
  • Arts

    My Apprenticeship, Part One

    I hated school, but I enjoyed technical drawing. One reason was that I got it from the very first day. For some reason, I could visualise in 3D those flat drawings. I guess my brain [more...]

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