• Economics

    How Can We Escape?

    I spent over forty years in the City of London very largely specializing in pension & trust fund management. The latter decade in tax effective investment. We live in a kleptocracy which seems to have [more...]
  • 18th Century

    A Puffin Paradise

    A Refuge from Modern England Several things have triggered this article; conversations I have had with various Puffins face to face at meetings and get-togethers, something that Polar Opposite posted in one of the comments, [more...]
  • 20th Century

    African Regime Gone Bad, Zaire Invasion

    If “keep us safe” was the RPF’s public driving mantra, it was easier said than done. Having taken a generation for Uganda refugee camps to produce a rebel force capable of threatening Rwanda’s national security, [more...]
  • Arts

    Two Faces

    The 2 Faced Theatre Academy was a children’s theatre company founded in August 2008 and based at the Guide Bridge Theatre near Ashton-under-Lyne in Greater Manchester. One of the founders and a tutor at the [more...]

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