• Fiction

    Joe Malone, Part Sixty-Three

    Ch 63 – You Have Been Watching.. Vanessa drove up along the new road of Ealing Common. The dawn was up now and New BBC, Ealing was clearly visible. It was a low structure. Just [more...]
  • Business

    I’m not paying that!

    For at least 30 years, I’ve been a bit of a haggler. If I need something, I generally go to a shop – I prefer a small shop, ask the price and if it is [more...]
  • Tom Pudding, Going Postal
    20th Century

    A Passenger’s Tale

    How it all began Not long after our new neighbours Ernie and Maisie Allen moved in next door, my wife and I were invited to join them and a group of their friends for drinks [more...]
  • Fiction

    Edge, Figures on a Landscape

    War Crimes Part 9 Don’t—don’t—don’t—don’t—look at what’s in front of you. (Boots—boots—boots—boots—movin’ up an’ down again); Men—men—men—men—men go mad with watchin’ ’em, An’ there’s no discharge in the war ! Much meaningful business within the [more...]

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