Sweaty Dave, Going Postal

Big Shed

In my last piece I talked through the attempt to refurb a lawnmower, replacing the rusted body, which is now back to happily chewing all it crosses, without spitting bits out at random. As long [more…]


Postcard from Lille, Part 19

I can’t understand why people are rude to the staff. I was always getting told off for being kind, or even just polite, to the maids and servants, or ‘helpers’ as they were often known. I was hissed at for always saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. Enquiring politely about their families was frowned upon and helping them with their chores got the second greatest insult [more…]

20th Century

How to Finger

During a recent bout of insomnia caused by near-fatal man flu I tuned into the GP night shift to provide some distraction from the snuffling, hacking, wife-disturbing misery. It was only a tea-lit personal message [more…]