Piers Ponsondby was startled from his daydreaming by the sharp rapping on his office door.  Shuffling papers across his desk to give the impression of industry, he closed his web browser, puffed out his pigeon [more…]



Homeland It’s just after lunchtime on a day in early February, the capital is bathed in bright sunshine but the breeze, from the east, is chilling to the bone. We can see; An office in [more…]



Hate There are many ways to make a good living If you don’t really care what you do You can use acid to hijack a moped If that’s what does it for you You could [more…]


The threat fae Russha

Ah mind tha otha day there we aw’ thott the stashun wiz gettin’ attocked wi’ wan o’ they deadly nerff ayjunts fae Rusha. It wis aboot hoff eight in the mornen an’ the Sarge decidet [more…]


The Count Dankula Trial

Ah’ve bin stuck oot in f**kin’ Airdrie aw days cos that Toammy Roabertson c**t’s hingin’ aboot the court an’ the chief coanstabul is pure sh*tin’ hissel’ that he might stert committin’ fer right hate crimes. [more…]