The Barnsley Fern

Michael Barnsley is an English mathematician born in 1946. The code developed by Barnsley is an example of an iterated function system.  The code is composed of four affine transformations. of the code is the [more…]


The Mandelbrot Set

Computer generated graphics have improved enormously over the last forty years. The first computer generated graphic of the Mandelbrot set : A contemporary zooming animation : I particularly like these new images and animations because [more…]


Coding in Colour

The numbers exist.  No one can own a number.  However, some companies/corporations are trying to make it illegal to publish or distribute some numbers on the internet.  They are trying to claim that their encryption [more…]


Euler’s Number

“To express remember to memorise a sentence to memorise.” This mathematical constant is a rate of growth.  It was discovered by Jacob Bernouilli  whilst studying compound interest.  Euler referred to the constant as  and it [more…]


The Pythagorean Equation

We consider another quadratic Diophantine equation this time in three variables; namely, the Pythagorean Equation : It is called the Pythagorean Equation although the Ancient Egyptians and Babylonians certainly knew how to generate Pythagorean triples. [more…]