Gmbd, Going Postal

A Question

all my life I have been thinking “You know, there is something here that doesn’t quite add up” I examined myself. “Could it be that I am ill ? Nobody else seems to think there [more…]


Gmbd, Class

Growing up in a working class family post war. Let’s try to imagine. The State made your parents go to war and risk their lives to defend the state. Doubtless most would have done that [more…]


Gmbd, Evil

Did I say what a great burden it is having psychic abilities, being able to read the mind of others ? In one way it is a fascinating hobby but can be draining. I don’t [more…]

20th Century

My Dad by Gmbd

We lived together for 16 years yet I hardly know anything about him. He was built like the proverbial brick shit house and all muscle. He never ever laid a finger on me and I [more…]