Gmbd, Class

Growing up in a working class family post war. Let’s try to imagine. The State made your parents go to war and risk their lives to defend the state. Doubtless most would have done that [more…]


Gmbd, Evil

Did I say what a great burden it is having psychic abilities, being able to read the mind of others ? In one way it is a fascinating hobby but can be draining. I don’t [more…]


Gmbd, Ireland

I’m supposed to die in Ireland according to my horoscope, either there or India. Should I go ? Ireland is the place alcoholhicks go to die so I should fit right in. I really love [more…]


Buddha, by Gmbd

Since first I heard about the Buddha I have been curious about him. Long, long ago all this mystical stuff was quite the fashion but I would say “Well it is commendable that you should [more…]


Birth, by Gmbd

Wankpuffin, the early years If you are born a person suddenly you are THERE, you think “What the fuck is this?” well that is what happenend to me. Apparently as I popped out of my [more…]


What is human, by Gmbd

Evolution appears a sensible explanation for the adaption of creatures, if it works you have an advantage and get to reproduce and the mutation is passed on. Seems sensible. I have wondered tho’ if wishful [more…]


My Dad by Gmbd

We lived together for 16 years yet I hardly know anything about him. He was built like the proverbial brick shit house and all muscle. He never ever laid a finger on me and I [more…]


Gmbd, Astrology

I am not me It seems to be my fate, perhaps for all time. There may be something in the Astrology. A guy I knew who was into the astrology big time volunteered to do [more…]


Gmbd, Honesty

I don’t want to sound boastful but I think I started very early. All I ever did was think. I thought within my capabilities but the important thing that you need to understand is that [more…]