Lugosi, Going Postal

Wendyball and BLM

I write this article as Keir Starmer says he can’t support BLM due to their Marxist/Socialist  ideas about defunding the police and Matt Le Tissier, a famous footballer and Sky TV soccer pundit questions whether [more…]

Lugosi, Going Postal


In the 1982 I was lucky enough to be sent to Japan on business. On the 35th floor of an Osaka skyscraper they was a loud bang and the building was definitely swaying. My natural [more…]



I was musing on this subject while driving. How our age has determined our choice of cars and how cars have evolved through technology. Have you noticed how cars no longer get Rust Monster disease [more…]

Lugosi, Going Postal

Back Pain

I know I have touted for sympathy at GP for my recent back/leg pain and I am grateful for your support. There is an old saying that to understand someone else’s perspective you should walk [more…]

No Picture

Climate Change Protests

Yet another climate protest against our use of fossil fuels. Spokes-persons berate us over air-waves driven by generated electricity carried by steel pylons cemented into the ground. They sit in a studio with its array [more…]