Why Not Labour?

A Personal Analysis of the Upcoming General Election Politics, as we all know, can sometimes be a very long game, sometimes though things can change very  quickly. As Harold Wilson (there’s another beauty) once famously [more…]


I Was Jezza’s Double

“Now, let’s go through this one more time,” sighed Seumas Milne, holding up two glossy photographs. “This one is Ant, Jeremy. And this one is Dec.” “Ant,” he repeated, slowly and deliberately, “and Dec.” The [more…]


Cameron Goes Postal

“So, you’re telling me there is nothing at all I can do about it?,” spat David Cameron, thumping his desk and fixing his chief of staff with an icy glare. “No lotions? No balms? No [more…]


Operation Starvation

“Honestly George, I had really never seen anything like it before,” gushed David Cameron,  excitedly. “It was like a sort of ghastly foodbank the size of an aircraft hangar.” George Osborne furrowed his brow and [more…]