It’s been nearly two months since the alarm was raised.

“Migrant overboard in English Channel.”

That was the night of August 18th and it wasn’t long before the headline writers got to work, blaming the British population for the plight of this poor child (as we were then told). Presumably offering 4* accommodation and the possibility of an extended and all expenses paid vacation was just too much for any ambitious young adventurer to resist, so it was indeed our fault, or, more correctly, the fault of those offering such inducements on our behalf and nothing much has changed, with small boats bringing young fighting aged men across in battalion numbers every week since.

But the story quickly disappeared after the truth was revealed; the 16 year old unaccompanied boy was in fact a 28year old Sudanese man who had travelled with friends across many safe countries before stealing a flimsy inflatable and a shovel which he used as a paddle in his attempt to make that doomed crossing to the Land of milk and benefits. Whatever sympathies we may have for this individual, forays onto British beaches cannot provide a solution for the world’s problems.

Of course the story may have also been shelved due to the opening of an inquiry into the Manchester Arena Massacre, which, it was feared might uncover some disturbing coincidences between this ‘asylum’ seeker, and those who arrived in previous years with such devastating effect on many innocent inhabitants of Britain, but the media propagandists needn’t have bothered, because the terms of reference of the inquiry do not include the background of the Manchester murderer or how he came to be born in Britain.

Neither will the inquiry look into any similarities between that attacker of May 2017 who killed 22, or any those since, like the three migrants who murdered eight at Borough Market in June 2017, or another child of migrants who butchered two at London Bridge in Nov 2019, or the three killed in Reading by yet another Libyan ‘refugee’ in June 2020, so a total of 35 innocent civilians killed and innumerable forgotten victims of these and other attacks who have suffered devastating injuries with their own and their family’s lives shattered.

It seems a great shame because this inquiry could have provided timely answers for some of the important questions surrounding those atrocities:-

– What on earth do killers seeking asylum from so many different countries, have in common?

– What drives them to come here and then commit murder against those who have provided them with safety and shelter?

– What dangers are posed by those who we are currently escorting onto our shores? Bearing in mind that the bomber Abedi was rescued from Libya by the Royal Navy, just three years before his murderous deed.

In an age when mental illness is used as justification for serious criminal conduct, we should reasonably wonder why the inquiry would make no attempt to understand what ideological or cultural drivers might be affecting the mental state of migrants to such terrible effect, or possibly even examine the mental capacity of those responsible for visiting this menace upon the British population?

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Whatever the reason for ignoring the recently drowned migrant, we were mercifully spared any further blame and accusations of racism.

Another positive result was that he was identified before the inevitable Sunday sermons could preach about how it is our Christian Duty to welcome such people regardless of the danger they pose – but as the flood of illegals continues unabated, I am prompted to see just where those preachers get their ideas from. My Bible knowledge is sketchy to be sure, but I would like to know what it really suggests we do in our current situation, and whether we are believers or not, the answers are indeed enlightening.

The Golden Rule is probably the best place to start, so let’s take a look at this fundamental principle.

Matthew 7:12

Do unto others as you would be done by.

Straightforward enough I’m sure we can agree. We are instructed to treat migrants as we would hope to be treated if we found ourselves in their position, and here I can claim an advantage over many readers, being the son of immigrants, and married to an immigrant, I have also worked in Europe, and here was my simple expectation:-

To receive a fair wage for an honest days work and be treated equally within the laws of the land.

And that is all. No handouts, no special privileges and when the environment no longer suited me I made no demands that my hosts change on my behalf, but chose instead to return to the land of my birth, and I hold that anybody arriving legally in the UK or Europe who claims that they don’t have these opportunities, is either incredibly unlucky, or is lying.

So we have an honest worker who decides to make this country their home, what does the Bible say in that case?

Mark 12:31

Love they neighbour as thyself.

Hmm, it’s getting a bit trickier now, Love they neighbour as thyself; how on earth do we meet that exacting standard?

Well, like many brought up in the West, the demands that I place on myself are probably higher than it’s fair to expect of those coming from less progressive cultures, so I submit that it’s more reasonable to treat them as I would treat my own children, and can anyone really ask more than that?

Now I love my children dearly, but I do expect them to be courteous to our neighbours, to be honest and respectful, and to not engage in criminal, violent or unpleasant behaviour. Is this too much to also ask of those who arrive on our shores, or their descendants?

But what of those who arrive, not to work and assimilate, but to cause mayhem and murder? What about those who come in the anticipation of easy pickings from an overly tolerant and trusting people, those who arrive as criminals with the full intention of continuing their criminal activity?

Luke 6:27

Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you…

Wow this is getting tougher I hear you say, but is it really?

Read that again carefully, God does not say that we will not, or should not, have enemies. There is no blame or recrimination on us because others choose to think ill of us, all that is asked is that we are generous and merciful towards them, and despite the apparent difficulty of such a saintly demand look at how the very nature of modern International Relations are measured. Not just equality under civilian Common Law, but the Geneva Convention on conduct in war, consider our many treaties on fair treatment of adversaries and against torture of prisoners and attacks on civilian populations and you will see where all a our notions of civilisation were born.

But what about those who come with neither tools of trade nor weapons of war, those who wave not a sword, but a book: A decadent fable authored by a liar and a thief, not a fisher of men but a butcher of the Innocent. A book so absurd that we might laugh at its delusions were it not for the dreadful consequence it has on those unfortunate enough to read and believe in its arrogant assertions, a miss-assembled document that speaks not of love, but of submission; that calls for surrender to the very forces that would supplant our faith and our way of life.

So, how does the Bible suggest we deal with these deniers of Christ?

2 John 1:11

Welcome him not, lest ye share his wicked ways.

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