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Having put Apsana Begum MP’s Bengali Benefits bother to bed, GP’s Bloodbath investigative team retired to the couch, hoping never again to be involved in the likes of Tower Hamlets and its South Asian political, legal and business clans and their shenanigans. Little did we realise.

While relaxing over the Daily Record’s fitba’, Buckie and wife beatings, a headline caught the eye.

Monday the 2nd of August’s front page screamed,

Nursery Shame. Health secretary reports preschool after claims they denied his girl a place but offered one to another child with white-sounding name.

The Health Secretary in question being Humza Yousaf, a minister in Nichola Sturgeon’s SNP Government north of the border.

The previous day, the minister had posted a ‘teaser’ tweet publicising the tabloid story. It read,

Not a step my wife & I have taken lightly. After our nursery application for our daughter was refused a 2nd time, my wife asked her White Scottish friend to put in an application for a Child the same age. Within 24hrs of refusing our application my wife’s friend’s was accepted.

Note the use of the term ‘2nd time’. It is Bloodbath’s understanding that the Yousaf’s first approached the nursery in September 2020. A near full year before going to the press and, as related in the Record article, a near full year before reporting the Dundee nursery, Little Scholars, to the Scottish Care Inspectorate. All very strange. Duty called.

Humza Yousaf

Humza Yousaf, of Pakistani Muslim heritage, was born in Glasgow in 1985. An accountant’s son, he was privately educated at the city’s £13,000 a year Hutchesons’ Grammar School. At Glasgow University he studied politics while being President of Glasgow University Muslim Students Association and a member of the Student Representative Council.

After graduating with an MA, Mr Yousaf worked as a parliamentary assistant to a number of SNP MSPs including present First Minister Nichola Sturgeon and former First Minister Alex Salmond. In 2011, he was elected to the Holyrood parliament via a party list as an MSP for the Glasgow region. In 2016 he was elected as an MSP with his own constituency, Glasgow Pollock, an area with a large immigrant and Muslim population.

Mr Yousaf has never had a job outside of politics.

Always Worth Saying, Going Postal
Present Scottish Health Secretary Humza Yousaf.
Cabinet Secretary for Justice: Humza Yousaf,
Scottish Government
Licence CC BY-SA 2.0

From age twelve, he volunteered for Islamic Relief, later becoming their media officer. He is a member of the SNP’s Friends of Palestine.

In August 2020 the entire board of Islamic Relief UK stood down following an anti-semitism scandal.

Amongst other things, trustee Almoutaz Tayara referred to Egyptian president General Sisi as being a “pimp son of the Jews” and called Isreali authorities “grandchildren of monkeys and pigs”. Hamas terrorist organisation leaders were, in his view, “great men.”

In May 2016 Humza was appointed Transport Secretary, subsequently being prosecuted and fined £300 for driving a friend’s car without insurance. Rather than leaving public life in disgrace, he was appointed Justice Secretary, having blamed his driving lapse on the breakup of his marriage. Which brings us to his then wife, Gail Lythgoe.

Wife Number One

Perpetual law student Gail Lythgoe is a convert to Islam. Between 2009 and 2011, she too was a communications officer for Islamic Relief. She married Humza Yousaf in 2010. An SNP member, she sat on the party’s Executive Committee.

In November 2011, the following headline appeared in the Daily Record,

Labour call on SNP to suspend high-profile activist accused of dirty tricks campaign against Glasgow MP Ian Davidson.

That high profile activist was Gail Lythgoe who had circulated emails making false claims against Labour’s Ian Davidson, a Glasgow political rival of her husband.

In April of the following year, Mrs Lythgoe-Yousaf was mentioned in dispatches again, this time when The Scotsman boomed,

SNP activist caught up in “fake leaflet’ row.

Mrs Yousaf had written a newsletter article regarding the approaching Scottish independence referendum. She had included a picture of herself endorsing the ‘Yes’ campaign under a different spelling of her name and with her title wrongly credited. She also claimed to be local to Stirling, whereas she was a student at Edinburgh and Glasgow Universities at the time. [2]

Ms Lythgoe and Mr Yousaf were divorced in 2017, following his driving embarrassment. By 2021 she had enjoyed another conversion. In the run-up to the May 6th Scottish Parliamentary Elections, via The Herald newspaper, she urged voters to support the Greens rather than to vote for the SNP ‘cult’.

Which brings us to the SNP Health Secretary’s second wife.

Wife Number Two

Humza married SNP activist Nadia El-Nakla in 2019. A Palestinian, Ms Nakla is a member of the SNP Friends of Palestine. Family members still live in the territory. She is a frequent visitor.

The previous year, Ms Nakla was newsworthy as part of a love triangle with her then husband Fariad Umar and the matinee idol that is SNP Dundee councillor Craig Melville.

Becoming suspicious of an affair, Nadia’s IT expert spouse used computer software to examine her mobile phone history. Messages to a friend called ‘Karen’ caught his eye. Further investigation showed ‘Karen’ to be a pseudonym for Mr Melville.

As the course of true love never runs smooth, so some of Mr Melville’s messages to his paramour were fraught and not in keeping with the SNP’s commitment to diversity, equality and tolerance.

They included:

‘Horrible murdering islamic *****’

‘it not personal I just f*****g hate your religion and I’ll do all in [my] life [to] defeat your filth’

‘if I had a gun, I’d shoot a Muslim but I’m not brave enough.’

Mr Umar forwarded the messages to senior members of the SNP but two years later had still had no reply from party bosses. [3]

However, he had had his day in court, with Mr Melville being found guilty of sending racist texts, fined £1000, been forced to leave the SNP and step down from Dundee City Council.

At least SNP activist Ms El-Nakla could never be accused of hate. Oh.

At a 2012 Dundee Justice for Palestine Festival, Ms Nakla ranted about *cough* Israelis. Her comments included:

How many times do you have to condemn them? How many times do you condemn Israel? And you do nothing, they do nothing. You kill all these children but it’s OK. Try to be a little more lenient. Only kill half of them.[4]

At a similar event in 2017, she was less circumspect with her code words.

After the holocaust, the world said never again. That was shameful. We let people die, be murdered in concentration camps and exactly the same thing is happening in Gaza, exactly the same thing.[5]

In conflating the Holocaust with Gaza, Nadia falls foul of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s full definition of anti-Semitism which has been adopted by Scotland’s SNP Government.

Why hasn’t she been dismissed from the nationalist party? Why hasn’t she been prosecuted? Perhaps she has a good lawyer.

The Lawyer

On the morning of Tuesday 10th August 2021, eight days after the original ‘Nursery Shame’ article, the following message appeared on Twitter.

“We will not accept our children being discriminated against by anyone, like any other parent we simply want our children 2b treated equally, regardless of their colour of skin or religion” We were instructed by Nadia El-Nakla to serve papers on the nursery

The papers served on the Little Scholars Nursery included a demand that:

the nursery issue a public apology and pay legal fees as well as damages to a charity of the couple’s choosing.

Fees to be paid to the lawyer issuing the legal notice and damages to a charity of the Yousaf’s choosing. One wonders who they have in mind? Islamic Relief? Dundee Justice for Palestine?

They won’t be able to donate to Scottish Islamic Foundation (SIF), of which Humza Yousaf was a director. Wound up in 2012, ISF had spent several hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers money, with almost nothing to show for it, and with hundreds of thousands more left unaccounted for.[6]

Bloodbath investigative team understands Yousaf’s aunt and mother were employed by the charity which was placed on a watch list by the Quillian Foundation after being described by them as an entry-level group for Islamists.

One ISF founder member was also an aid to Alex Salmon and an SNP candidate, Osama Saeed, a long time associate of Glasgow human rights lawyer Aamar Anwar, who happens to be the brief instructed to serve papers on Little Scholars.

Anwar is of Pakistani Muslim heritage. His Twitter banner consists of an ‘every cause’ affinity yellow ribbon and a clenched black fist beside #BlackLivesMatter.

Those legal letters were served simultaneous with a Daily Record double-page spread laughingly sympathetic to the Yousaf’s.

Always Worth Saying, Going Postal
Aamer Anwar.
Aamer Anwar,
Òmnium Cultural
Licence CC BY-SA 2.0

According to wiki, lawyer Anwar’s controversies include comparing Bilal Abdullah and Kafeel Ahmed’s 2007 terrorist attack on Glasgow Airport with the United States’s use of stealth bombers, drawing a moral equivalence between 9/11 and the action of the United States, “making unprofessional, defamatory, and factually inaccurate attacks on the judiciary, the jury, and the wider legal process”, representing the family of Jihadi bride Aqsa Mahmood, filing an appeal on behalf of convicted Lockerbie terrorist Abdelbaset Al-Megrahi, representing ultra-hard far left trouble maker Tommy Sheridan, participating in Stop the War etc etc etc etc. And accompanying controversial Magic Circle silk Paul McBride QC to Pakistan during which time Mr McBride was found dead, wiki could have added.

In a measure of how low the Scottish legal system and media have sunk, Mr Anwar is festooned with awards.

In 2016 he joined the SNP.

Only hours after those papers had been served, on the evening of Tuesday 10th August, The Times newspaper reported that Anwar faces investigation by the Scottish solicitor’s discipline tribunal.

In a statement, the human rights lawyer responded:

It would obviously be inappropriate for me to comment in any detail on pending matters before the tribunal involving confidential client business, but I can say this is a historic, technical single issue from several years ago involving the wording of the firm’s former terms of business, and any misconduct on my part is denied.

Mr Anwar is no stranger to his own personal legal tangles. In 2006, his wife Ifet, a commercial property lawyer, bumped into a Mrs Ferrie’s car in Glasgow’s Wallace Street. Mrs Anwar called her husband who arrived at the scene and was seen chatting to a ‘witness’ to the accident. Mrs Ferrie was labelled as a racist and subsequently tried at the city’s sheriff court for racial abuse. However, Sheriff Coutts acquitted Mrs Ferrie and referred to Mr and Mrs Anwar’s evidence as being ‘not credible’.[7]

The Lawyer’s Daughter

While on the subject of Dundee, Dundee Council and the law, who should we find working as a lawyer at Dundee City Council but a certain Miss Aysha Anwar. Could they be in some way related? We know that Mr Anwar has three children, two daughters and a son. Is Aysha one of them? They do look like peas in a pod. Interestingly, Ayesha specialises in litigation and spent her first University law course placement with Aamar Anwar and Co. in Glasgow. Ayesha is a previous President of Glasgow University Muslim Students Association.

Clash of Clans

If the West of Scotland SNP Pakistani Muslim political-legal elite appears like a bit of a clan, perhaps surprisingly so do Little Scholars.

The proprietor of the innocent enough sounding Broughty Ferry nursery has been named as Usha Fowdar. This is Usha Devi Fowdar, a director of the nursery’s parent company, Sword (Nursery) Limited. As well as Sword, 42-year-old Usha is also a director of Morningside Care Homes (Scotland) Ltd alongside 70-year-old Devanand Fowdar who has numerous directorships, mainly in the care homes sector, and is managing director of Thistle Healthcare Limited.

The boards of Sword, Thistle and numerous other companies include, and have included, various members of the Fowdar family.

Recently, Thistle has experienced challenging trading conditions. According to, in the year to April 2017, the group was operating eight care homes and declared annual pre-tax profits that were down from £895,000 to £38,000 despite turnover rising to £19.9 million.

The article values Thistle’s freehold land and property at about £8 million. [8]

Since then, care sector finance has become more complex with, on the one hand, the deadly impact of coronavirus but, on the other, the sector having taxpayers money tipped on it because of the pandemic.

On the 8th of August, The Scotsman stuck the boot into the Fowdars. Staff ‘whistleblowers’ criticised Thistle healthcare after 23 elderly residents died of Covid at an East Kilbride home last year. Their Whitehills home is one of the five care homes (25 fatalities) with the highest number of Covid deaths in Scotland. In 2020, a ‘whistleblower’ claimed the Whitehills home was ‘absolutely filthy’ with staff having to provide their own cleaning supplies. A ‘source’ said carers were at ‘breaking point.’ The Scotsman went on to remind us that in 2007 Thistle’s Greenhills home had a Care Commission complaint upheld against it.[9]

At first glance, it may seem unwise for someone whose never had a job to take on a well established Glasgow business family. However, in his previous role as Justice Secretary and current role as Scottish Health Secretary, Humza Yousaf has had some influence over the legal process (interestingly, rather than go to the police, a civil action is being pursued against Little Scholars) and much influence over the care home sector. If Little Scholars lose or concede the case, expect them and their associated businesses to be hit with a wall of similar claims and obligations to ‘charities’ of someone else’s choosing.

In recent days, Mrs El Nakla has been in the Scottish media laying the racism, death threat and victim (her miscarriages) cards.

Bloodbath suspects this has got nothing to do with a little girl’s nursery place eleven months ago and much to do with two west of Scotland clans. Senior members of whom, your reporter is led to believe, live on the same millionaire’s row adjoining a golf course on Glasgow’s exclusive west side.

In a place where ice cream rounds can become a war [10] and local politics, law and media are close to failed state levels of nepotism and subservience, truth and justice are likely to be early victims in this conflict.


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