Bassman, Going Postal
20th Century

Men in Crates

The ripping yarns of derring-do served up by AWS are green in our memory, but here’s a caper that is more a case of derring-didn’t. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin. Umaru Abdulrahman Dikko [more…]

21st Century

Boris, how dare you?

Locking our people into subjugation, Ruining businesses throughout the nation, Stealing the future of a generation, Boris, how dare you? Carrie instructs him, he obeys with gladness, Plunging us into zero carbon madness, So we [more…]

21st Century

Kazoo Solo

with acknowledgements to Louis MacNeice’s ‘Bagpipe Music’ It’s no go Jeremy, it’s no go the commies, But all we’ve got is a dodgy deal served up to us by Boris. It’s no go the EU, [more…]