With a whimper, not a bang

© Going Postal 2017

It seemed to me that this is a particularly auspicious day to start the new site so I roused myself from my afternoon slumber to post this up. Nothing of what you see will likely survive because I have lashed this up as fast as I could so the site is first published today, November 5th. There are other reasons for making the site active in advance of any move, things take time to filter through, like Google indexing.

None of the links on the page are set up, so please don’t bother clicking on them, even the comment and RSS feeds, they will likely change.

In the beginning. . . there was https://Going-Postal.Org, then there was http://Going-Postal.Net, Now there is https://Going-Postal.Com I hope you like it but please bear in mind this is mid development, you can see more clearly what I am trying to do here:

The main problem I have at the moment is making sure the mobile site ‘looks good’, fifty percent of visitors use the mobile app so I’d better make sure this site’s is at least as good.

I have installed Disqus and I will leave the comments open until tomorrow at which point I’ll close them and get back to finishing everything off.

Now back to the sofa.

Swiss Bob