Gmbd, Evil

Gmbd, Going Postal
Hell, Hieronymus Bosch
Public Domain

Did I say what a great burden it is having psychic abilities, being able to read the mind of others ?
In one way it is a fascinating hobby but can be draining.

I don’t know if it has always being there or if it developed during the constant attention I seem to have given to what is the purpose of my thoughts.
From as early as I can remember, which is around 6 months to a year I was aware that I was occupying a great emptiness.
Sometimes I could make myself a tiny, tiny dot in a great empty void.
To begin with there were not logical thoughts in words but a sense of a connection with the outside of me.
All the nature and the actual world was such a wonder that I sensed as a complete living thing.
At night alien angels would hover in my room.
One night the angels found a little bit of badness protruding out of my skin and they tugged at it and like tree roots extending through my body they removed all of the evil badness from me.

All the time thinking, thinking what is the purpose of my thoughts.
What would I do if I thought that thing ?
What will I do if this happens ?
Observing people and the things that they say, thinking What if I was them, how do they view things.
Looking for clues to just what exactly is going on here.

The night before my first day at school my mother said;

“Oh tomorrow you have to start school”
“WHAT !”
“I want all the teachers to die so I don’t have to do that”
then at the class
“One plus one equals two”
“No it doesn’t, it really doesn’t, that is the wrong way to view things”

“I know it doesn’t, I have seen that it doesn’t just by looking around”
and a great sadness enveloping me as I decided that I have to go along with these people.
but also a memory from some past existence, “Oh No, not this again”

When much older my long time colleague mentor said “One thing plus one thing is more than two things”
I thought
“I know exactly what you mean”

Many years later I was in a car accident, sudden chance and my wife was in the car.
I was aware that the evil had found us.
I looked at my (uninjured) wife and thought, “I am so sorry. I fucked up again, like in all the previous lives where we found each other”
“I try to protect us but they have got past my guard again with this sudden chance event”.
It was there, the evil force that had made a constant effort to get through my defences.
Because I had had all the evil removed from me I was their enemy.

Evil does exist as a force.
Good doesn’t need to be a force just the absence of evil.
The natural state.
I don’t know how to rid the world of evil or if it is even possible

What is possible is a society where there is freedom to think and say as you please that is at least a start.

© Gotham must be destroyed 2017