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Dorset Knob, Going Postal

Dedicated to all the men & women of the British Armed Services, especially those killed in the line of duty since WW1 and the countless numbers injured and disabled defending our country and way of life.

ConflictBritish Services Dead or Missing in ActionConflictBritish Services Dead
WW I887,858Dhofar rebellion24
WW II383,700Indonesia-Malaysia confrontation16
Indonesian National Revolution1,22Aden Emergency90
Operation Masterdom (Vietnam)40Northern Ireland763
Malayan Emergency519Flaklands War256
Yangtse River Incident46Gulf War47
Korean War1109Balkans Bosnia/Kosovo72
Kenya (Mau Mau Rebellion)63Sierra Leone Civil War1
Cyprus Emergency371Afghanistan456
Suez Crisis (Operation Musketeer)23Iraq War179
Ongoing War on Terror510 as per 2015 published figures

On this Remembrance Day. I thank you for your courage and sacrifice. I celebrate your life and pledge that I will never forget.

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