Nigel Farage – I’m a Celebrity 2023

Nigel Farage and some bloke
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It’s the final of I’m a Celeb tonight. Vote for Nigel Farage and send the media, the left and all the other snowflakes crying into their lattes.

You can vote on the web here:

You will need a mobile to receive a text, you will then have five votes.

How to vote using app etc: I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here 2023 – Voting Terms and Conditions

Mr Old Wreck has said he will donate £250 to the site if Nigel wins. In the unlikely event Nigel wins and isn’t immediately disqualified Mr Wreck’s winnings should easily cover it.

Mr DJM has also volunteered another £500 with added conditions. . .

I think I’ll have more luck pointing out the GP support page:-

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