Always Worth Saying’s Question Time Review

Question Time 26th October 2023

The Panel:

Lee Rowley (Conservative)
Jonathan Reynolds (Labour)
Alyn Smith (SNP)
Gabriel Pogrund (Author and journalist)
Baroness Sayeeda Warsi (Conservative)

Venue: Bradford

September 28th’s Question Time from Sale wondered if multiculturalism has failed. Columnist Tim Montgomerie announced multi-culturalism a great success before adding a caveat regarding problematic communities, ‘In northern cities theres a lack of integration.’ I wonder if he had anywhere specific in mind?

In anticipation of this week’s programme, last time QT Review HQ noted that Bradford is appropriately twinned with Gaza. Or if it isn’t it should be. A shiver will have run down every Gazan’s spine. If they weren’t preoccupied with other things and if the phones weren’t cut off, Hamas might have called their solicitors.

Bradford is a city located in West Yorkshire, governed by a metropolitan borough that bears its name. Positioned on the edge of the Pennines, Bradford is surrounded by other boroughs like the City of Leeds to the east and the Metropolitan Borough of Kirklees (Huddersfield, Dewsbury and the like) to the south.

The 2021 census put the population at 546,400, making it the fourth-most populous metropolitan district in England. Beyond the city itself, the district includes towns and villages such as Keighley, Shipley, Bingley, Ilkley, Haworth, Silsden, Queensbury, Thornton, and Denholme.

Bradford has a rich architectural heritage and a long history in the textile industry, particularly in the wool and worsted trade. Worsted being a fine smooth yarn spun from combed long-staple wool. However, over many decades the textile industry in the former wool capital of the world has declined. A significant part of that decline coincided with the importation of cheap labour from Pakistan to work in the mills.

The first mosque opened on Howard Street in 1959. The Asian Muslim community has grown steadily since with Bradford becoming a byword for deprivation, race riots and the sexual abuse of British girls.

The Asian Muslim community has been swelled by the arrival of extended family members, first-cousin marriage from the home country, and a high birth rate. The Muslim population at the 2011 census touched 24%. By the 2021 census, the number had risen to over 30% or in excess of 180,000 residents. Since then there have been another two years of record immigration and a high birthrate.

Allied to which, one doubts every one of the new Bradfordians filled in a census form let alone answered the voluntary question on religion.

The Muslim population is not spread evenly across the district but is, Holy Land-style, concentrated in surgically racially and religiously segregated ghettos. Bradford is an apartheid city with different races of people living completely separate lives.

According to the 2021 census, Bradford’s Manningham ward has a population of 20,540. Only 11% are white, only 10% Christian. Remember just because they’re white doesn’t mean they’re British – they might all be Albanians.

The density of population is 8,212 per square kilometre. 50% higher than Gaza’s 5,453 pr sq kilometre which is routinely and wrongly described by the fake media as being the most densely populated place in the world. Manningham’s neighbouring enriched ward Toller has an even more dense population, 9,288 per square kilometre, 70% greater than Gaza.

The building blocks of census wards are ‘output areas’ typically consisting of between one hundred and two hundred residences. In racially segregated West Yorkshire the white population in many of these OAs drops towards zero.

The census also reveals two two-thirds of Manningham dwellings contain someone who can’t speak English and over a third contain no one who can speak English.

Satellite mapping shows nearly every house in the ghetto has living space extended into the attic and backyards covered in sheds with beds. Walking down the street reveals partitions across upstairs windows suggesting two people of even two families share one small Victorian mill worker’s bedroom.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Bradford, Worth Valley is 97% white, and both Wharfedale and Craven are 96% white.

Simultaneously, the Jewish population of Bradford has dropped from 0.1% in 2011 to 0.0% in 2021. However, the Jewish story is far from insignificant. Manningham is dominated by the Lister Mill which at one time was the largest silk factory in the world. Closed in 1999 and originally owned by the Lister family, the Bradford Jewish website informs us it later passed to a Mr Kornberg.

Titus Salt’s famous Saltaire works and model village was subsequently owned by Isidore Ostrer. Victoria Mill was owned by the Jeromes. In nearby Keighley, Peter Black a German Jewish refugee owned a number of mills including the Airedale Mill.

Both Bradford and neighbouring Leeds housed Waxman Fibres and Waxman Ceramics works and the factories of Helmut Mainz of A. Mainz & Son Ltd. Older Puffins may recall Leslie Sliver of Leyland paints as chair of Leeds United. His predecessor was Manny Cussins, a furniture manufacturing and retailing magnet. Huddersfield’s Lord Kagan manufactured Gannex raincoats.

In 1985 Bradford appointed its first Jewish female Lord Mayor – Olive Messer. She was preceded by three male co-religionists and has been succeeded by the likes of Shabhir Hussain, Zafar Ali, Abid Hussain, Khadim Hussain, Naveeda Irkam, Choudray Rangzeb and Ghazanfer Khaliq.

Elsewhere in local politics, a four-horse race in the May 2023 local elections saw Manningham won for Labour by Safina Kauser who edged ahead of independent Muhammed Ali Islam. The pair of them took 95% of the vote with the Greens third on 3% and the Tories last with 2%.

In Toller, Labour’s Fozia Shaheen managed 82% of the vote. A bitter disappointment, she must take lessons from Taj Mubarik Salam in Little Horton who achieved an 86% Labour vote to defeat Conservative Muhammad Afzal, the Green Party’s Nurjahan Arobi and LibDems Tariq Mahmood.

Meanwhile, in white Wharfedale, Rebecca Poulson gained 59% of the vote for the Conservatives and poor Hawarun Nesa Hussain managed only 5% for Labour.

At the national level, Manningham is in the Bradford West constituency and is represented by Puffin’s favourite Nazeen Shah, who enjoys a 76% vote share. In 2016 Ms Shah was suspended from the Labour Party for anti-Semitic remarks made on Twitter.

These included, ‘Solution for Israel-Palestine Conflict – Relocate Israel into United States. Problem solved.’ Nazeem’s other moronic comments include telling abused girls in Rotherham and elsewhere to shut their mouths ‘for the good of diversity.’

For their own political and financial self-interest, the Labour Party and the mill and factory owners have turned Bradford, and many other English towns and cities, into racially and religiously segregated dumps. Will mention of this be allowed to seep through the BBC QT’s fake pro-multiculti propaganda? Only one way to find out. Read on!

Question one. Is possible for Israel to defend itself while avoiding a regional catastrophe?

Lee Rowley, Conservative MP for North East Derbyshire and Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Local Government and Building Safety, seemed to say that the killings on October 7th justified Israel doing anything. Simultaneously he nodded towards allowing humanitarian aid into Gaza.

Baroness Warsi said the conflict didn’t start on October 7th and that Israeli security would be better assured by ending the ‘occupation’ and replacing it with a two-state solution.

Despite previously being in the Cabinet, Sayeeda Hussein (as in Saddam) Warsi has never been elected to anything. In the 2005 general election she was the defeated Conservative candidate in Dewsbury. During the campaign, she controversially put out different leaflets in different parts of the racially and religiously segregated constituency.

Muslim areas were treated to Ms Warsi’s opposition to the LGBT agenda while white areas learned of her tough stance on immigration.

She has claimed her father was a bus driver whereas he owned a furniture factory. She has claimed her first marriage was a forced marriage while also claiming it wasn’t.

Speaking of claims, during the parliamentary expenses scandal the Baroness claimed for accommodation while staying at a friend’s house rent-free. The friend said Ms Warsi paid her, but the actual owner of the property said he received no money. Later, Ms Warsi bought a flat but let it out without registering its rental income as an interest.

At the top of this podcast, I mistakenly said the Baroness was in the Labour Party. Well, you never know. Puffins will recall that in the Brexit referendum, Sayeeda campaigned for Leave until she thought they would lose and then sided with Remain.

Jonathan Reynolds, Shadow Secretary of State for Business and Trade and Labour MP for Stalybridge and Hyde, reported he was struggling to sleep. Not only is the Labour Party being torn in two by its reliance on the Muslim vote during a Middle East conflict, but lots of people over there are being killed in the fighting. He avoided urging a ceasefire and preferred a call for a ‘humanitarian pause.’

An audience member wondered when we should condemn the bombing of Gaza and the killing of Gazan civilians. Lee Rowley preferred Hamas to be using civilians as a human shield. The lady had a go back. What does the death toll have to get to before the ledger becomes equal?

Someone else, claiming to be an Israeli and a Brit (as the temperature rose in the theatre), said the conflict did start on October 7th. Another audience member said the UN were puppets. Of whom asked Bruce? The 1%, the elite, the audience member replied as the Careful Now claxon sounded.

Times journalist Gabriel Pogrund reminded us Israel does exist and its priority has to be to protect its citizens. There may be a military or diplomatic solution. If you prefer a non-military solution, you must explain in detail the diplomatic solution. He criticized Qatar and Turkey.

Warsi claimed there had been peace two times recently, one kiboshed by the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin and the other finished off by Netanyahu. She claimed the Tories are encouraging ‘corrupt’ Netanyahu and the ‘terrorists’ and ‘fascists’ in his cabinet.

Alyn Smith, MP for Stirling and SNP spokesman on an EU we’re not members of, agreed with Saida. Questioned by Bruce he wanted a ceasefire and suggested Hamas be deported to another country.

Despite the 0.0% local Jewish population, the BBC had found a few for the audience. One knew someone whose son had been shot and killed at the Israeli pop concert.

A tinged gentleman sympathised but wondered if two wrongs make a right. The Labour Party here is collapsing. Mr Starmer’s radio interview justifying cutting off supplies to Gaza had gone down badly in Bradford.

Gabriel quoted a blood-curdling passage from the founding charter of Hamas. He must have realised that it was in turn a quote from the Hadith – various narrators’ second-hand accounts of the words and actions of the Prophet Mohammed. Does that help to calm things down, Gabriel?

Now half an hour into the programme, La Bruce wanted to move on. But a gentleman in the audience sitting in the Jewish section wanted to speak and La Bruce let him. The anti having been raised by Gabriel, this audience member raised it further by blaming everything on Iran.

Not just the situation in Gaza but the situation in Syria and Lebanon too. The Iranians are not Arabs (they’re Persians) and they are destroying the Arab world.

Bruce hurried to a question on bankers’ bonuses followed by one about Conservative byelection losses. The last questioner asked of an ITV investigation’s suggestion that media relationships should be reported publically, by which time your humble reviewer was, appropriately, skipping up the stairs in the direction of Mrs AWS.

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