Happy 7th Birthday Going Postal

It hasn’t been a great year, no change there then. Yet another event has divided people, this time Ukraine – Covid previously. I can’t say I understand the Ukraine/Russia divide, supporting either side to me is like asking me to decide between Communism & Fascism (same shit, different labels). My only wish is that those responsible on both sides would lose. Sadly the real losers are the poor bastards seeing their homes destroyed, livelihoods ruined and lives taken.

However, GP is still here. Reduced, but still here.

Which nicely segues on to asking for your support.

Many of you cancelled your subs. For any number of reasons but it was most notable around the time of You Know Who’s cancel culture idiocy. Many of you said you were closing your accounts and I can’t argue with that, though you can of course still donate through PayPal with a credit card. No PayPal account needed.

Those of you who are able and still on the site every day might like to reconsider. I can offer an alternative if you are a regular but it would have to be an amount more suitable for a yearly sub as there might still be some transaction cost.

But for Always Worth Saying’s help I might well have chucked it in. It isn’t necessarily a lot of work, but anything you have to do seven days a week for seven years becomes a grind. Especially when it has never been remotely profitable.

Any donations over the next week I will share with AWS as he certainly deserves it for the amount of content he provides and the number of articles he lays up.

Lastly, some question the independence of this site, most recently this morning. Not from anyone who has met me over the years and come to know me but given so many people have proven themselves to be little more than controlled opposition, useful idiots, or just in it for the money it’s not exactly surprising. No one has any  leverage over me. Unlike some GP is not so stupid as to be hosted in the UK/EU. Neither is this site owned by any entity in the UK/EU. This site takes no money from anyone but ‘you’, plus a pittance in advertising revenue from the evil empire (there are no better alternatives in my experience). GP also does not do advertorials. I could fill this site with paid for posts at $100 a pop. GP has never taken money to publish articles. Some of the economics articles are republished from other sites but they are all the same group of economists introduced to me by Godfrey Bloom and no payment is received.

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