Always Worth Saying’s Question Time Review

Respected from Carlisle to Kiev

Question Time 6th October 2022

The Panel:

Nadim Zahawi (Conservative)
Lisa Nandy (Labour)
Brian Cox (Actor)
Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones (Businessman)
Piers Morgan (Broadcaster)

Venue: Westminster

How long will Liz Truss be able to continue as Prime Minister? “She’s done,” began Piers Morgan. He noted a lack of fiscal discipline that would affect the least fortunate in society. He wanted another ‘leader on the fire’ in place of Truss. Nadhim Zahawi blamed Putin and noted Mrs Truss’s capping of energy bills. He mentioned growth, every 1% of which brings in an extra £45 billion to the exchequer. Brian thought it was dreadful, “an absolute fiasco’, “she’s the wrong person for the job and I don’t trust her.”

Litha Nandy, who could put an end to anyone’s growth, mentioned ‘un-funded’ and had a stab at what next year’s mortgage rates will be. Her plan was to invest in clean energy, the uselessness of which is part reason why we have our energy problems. She would tax the energy companies with a windfall tax which would provide £8 billion. Enough for a third of a nuclear power station.

Four weeks, said Benjamin, four weeks. In all fairness, it’s ridiculous, give her 12 months then have this conversation. She’s being bold, sometimes you get it wrong, the key thing is to pivot and pivot fast.

Brian was back in rep. It was Kirkcaldy in the 1950s and deaf people on the back row of Her Majesty’s deserved their three bobs worth. “We’re not at a time where we can afford these kinds of mistakes,” he bellowed. We? What does he mean by ‘we’? Are you a millionaire who lives in Brooklyn? No, neither am I.

The programme was being filmed in a small auditorium. Ornate and with a gallery, it looked like one of those places where Victorians could pay a shilling to watch a criminal being vivisected. No doubt what the BBC-led anti-growth collation had in mind when they invited Conservative cabinet minister Nadim Zahawi.

Benjamin compared Mrs Truss to Churchill in so much as Churchill made mistakes. Piers Morgan talked down the economy, claiming it has tanked, which it hasn’t and that the pound is lower than ever, which it also isn’t. Piers wanted to hear the word ‘sorry’. Nadim reminded Piers that Putin wanted us to be divided. He blamed Putin for inflation, Piers blamed the mini-budget.

A lady in the audience noted Mrs Truss had only had three weeks before the baying press pack descended upon her, “Give her a chance.”

A hereditary politician, Lisa Nandy’s maternal grandfather was The Right Honourable Charles Frank Byers, The Lord Byers OBE PC DL, a former Liberal MP and privy councillor. Lisa’s father was a quango-land public school boy Marxist, Dipak Nandy, who carved a career in race relations. Litha has never had a proper job and graduated in law from Newcastle University. Her husband is blue-chip City PR political consultancy wallah Andy Collins.

One of the Warwickshire Zahawis, Nadhim was privately educated at the £23,000 a year King’s College School, Wimbledon. As a founder of opinion pollsters YouGov and a middleman between his native Kurdistan’s oil concessions and tax havens in the Caribbean, QT Review previously disclosed that the MP for Stratford-upon-Avon has built up a £25 million property empire while, during the MP’s expenses scandal, you were paying to heat his country mansion’s stables.

Three months into the coronavirus pandemic, the Zahawi family set up a short-lived healthcare company which avoided the use of the name Zahawi on any of its registration documents and didn’t appear on Nahim’s declaration of extra-parliamentary financial interests.

Having stood for the Conservative leadership earlier this year, the Daily Mail did some more spade work and discovered that Zadawi’s property empire now stands at £58 million, funded by a £32 million ‘mystery loan’. Experts quoted by the DM claimed the set-up was ‘exceptionally unusual’. Also during the campaign, it was revealed that the 55-year-old was being investigated by the HMRC regarding his tax affairs. Despite claiming to be the victim of a smear campaign, Nadhim dropped out after the first ballot having gained only 7% of the vote.

Speaking of opinion polls, both YouGov and the Populus polling and research organisation are part of Tony Blair’s Reset Britain project. Remember, especially in the present leftie media hysteria, opinion polls are used to influence opinion not to reflect it.

As a measure of how repetitive QT has become, not only are Litha Nandy and Nadhim Zahawi often on the programme but they are often on the programme together. Not only that, the pair of them were on the QT panel on the corresponding edition this time last year, 7th October 2021 from Aldershot.

Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones is a straightforward fake. Calling himself The Black Farmer, he doesn’t farm and never has farmed. His Black Farmer meat products have no connection to him beyond a brand name licenced to products produced by multi-billion pound food processing conglomerates such as Cranswick.

Brian Cox was born in Dundee in 1946, the youngest of five children. His mother, Mary, a sickly woman, worked in the city’s jute mills. His father, Charles, left the police force to become a grocer and died when Brian was 8. Raised by his older sisters, after leaving school at fifteen Cox worked at the Dundee Repertory Theatre before training at the London Academy of Music and Drama. A committed socialist and working-class hero, comrade Brian is a millionaire New York resident, currently famous for his role as Logan Roy in HBO TV’s hit series The Succession. Mr Cox has a second home in London’s exclusive Primrose Hill from where, in the interests of equality, he sent his children to the exclusive £40,000 a year St Paul’s School. Previously Cox supported the Labour Party but switched his allegiance to the Scottish Nationalists in 2015 but can’t vote for them as he lives in New York and London.

Penis Moron, not his real name, isn’t called ‘Piers Morgan’ either. Christened Piers Stefan O’Meara, after subsequently taking his stepfather’s name the Talk TV host is properly addressed as Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan. Educated privately at the £25,000 a year Cumnor House, Sussex, Morgan attended a state secondary and sixth form before briefly taking a position at Lloyds of London prior to attending Harlow College to study journalism. During a long career in both London and American media (Piers has presented for the Clinton News Network), Mr Morgan has become the story on many occasions.

When at the Daily Mirror, he used his wife’s savings to invest £67,000 ‘on a whim’ in Viglen the day before the shares were tipped by his own paper. Viglen’s share price more than doubled after the Mirror announced the computer company were to set up an internet division.

In 2004, Morgan was sacked by the Daily Mirror after publishing fake photographs of British soldiers ‘torturing’ Iraqis. Beneath the headline, “Vile…but this time it’s a BRITISH soldier degrading an Iraqi”, a front-page photograph showed someone in the wrong kit with the wrong equipment in the wrong type of vehicle urinating on a hooded figure who didn’t look like an Iraqi.

In March 2021, Piers flounced out of his own GMB morning show after being challenged by weather forecaster Alex Beresford over his treatment of Meghan Markle. Happening at the height of the London media bubble’s meltdown over accusations of racism in the Duchess of Sussex’s Ophrah Winfrey interview, Piers was unable to cope with a rambling £80-a-show weatherman and stormed off the set muttering, “OK, I’m done with this, sorry, no, can’t do this, you can trash me, mate but not on my own show.” Since then Piers has washed up on Talk TV, where his ratings have fallen to as low as 32,000 while rival GB News’s Nigel Farage whips his backside every evening.

On the plus side, well informed and fearless media insider Piers knew to avoid Garry Glitter, ah, challenged a grim-faced Ghislaine Maxwell, oh, carried out a citizen’s arrest on Rolf Harris, erm, snubbed Harvey Weinsten at awards events, oops, and was never pictured with Max Clifford, hmm. At least he had nothing to do with Jimmy Saville ……. beyond tweeting;

“As I left, Jimmy Savile came up to me. ‘Your TV shows are BRILLIANT!’ he exclaimed. ‘And as I’ve been in the telly business for 50 years, you can take that as an informed view.’ I’ve always loved Jimmy Savile.


Back in the vivisection pit, Nadhim asked Lisa what taxes she would cut? None of them, she votes against tax cuts.

Question two, will there be an energy emergency this winter? Nadhim had been busy with the scenarios in the Cabinet Office. We have interconnectors with Europe. Which is why energy is so expensive. Why not consume our own gas at close to the out-of-the-ground price instead?

Piers wanted to be more self-producing. He referenced The Donald’s warning that Germany relied too much upon the Russians for hydrocarbons. We rely too much on Ukrainian grain. He pointed out that Benjamin is a great British farmer – which Puffins know he isn’t.

A loon in the audience wanted more wind and solar which doesn’t work and is why we’re in a fix. A lady in the audience wanted to support small carrot producers in Scotland. Well.

Brian wanted to go green. Fracking is very dangerous and doesn’t work, said Brian. Wrong and wrong. He said ‘we’ again. This time we in Scotland, where he doesn’t live. We in Scotland have a lot of wind. And a lot of useless and expensive wind farms, he forgot to add. Litha wanted to invest in more wind and solar so we can bankrupt ourselves while sitting in the cold eating raw food. She wanted hydrogen too, which she doesn’t realise is made from natural gas. Silly cow. At that point, I did my bit for energy conservation by switching the telly off and going to bed.

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