The Æthelberht Autumn 2020 Competition

Swiss Bob, Going Postal
© Swiss Bob, Going Postal 2020

In memory of Æthelberht who sadly passed away last year. I am pleased to announce the Æthelberht Autumn 2020 Competition. All Articles published from the 26th October until the 22nd November will be eligible. I’m not sure about holidays abroad this years but in previous competitions more than twenty authors have been awarded prizes, including holidays, cases of wine/beer, books, tee shirts and mugs. 1st will receive a Dartington Crystal tankard similarly engraved to that received by Wooshy in the Spring 2020 competition, plus appropriate contents.

All articles published will automatically be entered. Results to be announced at the beginning of December in time to get prizes to the winners for Christmas.

Send me your contributions, essays, cartoons, postcards, anything I could make a post of here, subject ‘Æthelberht Autumn 2020 Competition’ please.

Closing date for entries is Sunday 22nd November. Poll will open Monday 23rd November close 30th November.

Contribute to GP and the prize fund here:

Other ways to contribute, send articles for publication and use the Amazon link (currently on the forum site).

© Swiss Bob 2020