Brewery Bash 2020 – Post Mortem

Bash 2020
© Going Postal 2020

A big thank you to all those who contributed to making the bash what it was this year, to those who came and those who couldn’t make it but supported the event anyway. I believe some people had doubts I could build a decent kitchen and feed upwards of forty people over a long weekend. How very dare you! Special thanks to b-bob & Mrs b-bob, Mrs Average Joanna & Northern Man. ‘Marigolds’ gets a special mention for his sterling work at the washing up bowl.

Above left to right. Pttm’s luxury accommodation, including double bed, quilt and throw. Much jealousy Friday morning on hearing he had to take the throw off as he was too hot. Not a problem the rest of us had. Field kitchen, if anyone has any pictures showing all the kit please feel free to post. Apart from the water boiler for tea/coffee, we had a freezer, fridge, microwave and toaster, not forgetting the BBQ, a couple of gas rings, and the rest. My tent, if it was fifty yards down the hill I would still have needed ear plugs. Jeez, puffins can snore.

Thursday wasn’t much fun given the drizzle but it’s mostly a setting up day. Field kitchen went up despite the weather using copious amounts of duct tape to solve a missing part problem. Friday, Saturday and Sunday were perfect with plenty of sun resulting in sunburn for those who didn’t bring a hat. Saturday BBQ we knocked out the food in an hour, only slightly more time than Windy took knocking out the same number of meals in his full sized kitchen.

Sunday, my day off, woohoo. Sunday lunch made by someone else. Except the gas was off in the GHH. Wanting to help Windy out I said we could do it in the field kitchen, which we did. Stupid of me really as we had loads of food left from Saturday night which instead of selling a meal to everyone was thrown in the skip. Doh.

Monday weather turned contrary to forecast so while the going was good I had everyone help dismantle and pack everything before I found myself alone in a sodden field Tuesday morning.

Next year likely somewhere else. Probably all-in à la Club Med for food with a kitty for the booze so once on site everyone can just help themselves to booze.

Swiss Bob