A Soulmate Mystery?

The phone-call beyond chance

Spontaneous parametric down-conversion process can split photons into type II photon pairs with mutually perpendicular polarization
​English Wikipedia user J-Wiki, GFDL, via Wikimedia Commons

A soulmate is a person with whom one has a feeling of deep or natural affinity. This may involve similarity, love, romance, platonic relationships, comfort, intimacy, sexuality, sexual activity, spirituality, compatibility and trust.

I recently came across an article “Quantum Communication Just Took a Great Leap Forward” https://singularityhub.com/2018/12/26/quantum-communication-just-took-a-great-leap-forward/ This is best explained by this description from the article:-

Einstein referred to quantum entanglement as “spooky action at a distance,” and it is one of the strangest phenomenons in quantum mechanics.

Put simply, when two particles are allowed to interact in close proximity, they influence each other’s basic properties, such as their spin, polarization, momentum, etc. When these particles are separated, a change to one particle results in a corresponding change to the other at the exact same time. No matter the distance, the particles are intimately connected in a way that has to be fully explained.

Essentially the two particles communicate with each other no-matter how apart they are.

A mother’s intuition” is a phenomena between mother and children. “I just KNOW there’s something wrong” and sometimes they are right. How many times have you or a family member felt the need to get in contact with a sibling, maybe a thousand miles away because you had a fleeting thought about them as if there was some send/receive between you. Maybe you are busy with every-day tasks like cleaning behind the fridge or blowing the steam out of your crumpet so it doesn’t go soggy and all of a sudden a thought of a relative comes from nowhere. Maybe you feel a need to call.

We also know about the Twins phenomena where there seems to be a telepathy between them. There are synchronicities of them falling pregnant at the same time. I call it “Cervical Synchronicity”. Who will be the first Transgender twins? The World holds its breath.

But what if such an apparent telepathic phenomena happens between two unrelated people? That happened to me and it is something that happened well beyond chance.

I will call her Suzie. It would have been about 1985 because the tapes she would play in the bedroom were Wham and Tears For Fears. She was short, homely. A nice, kind girl. On reflection we could almost have been brother and sister. I say that because other girlfriends after Suzie were definitely girlfriend status. Suzie was my first girlfriend after I was divorced. We did get on well (mostly). Perhaps it was because he mother lived not far away and we were always paying her a visit together.

She was a little mixed-up. Ex-boyfriends who were friends lived across the road. Another ex was in contact because they worked in the same industry. We split up twice but it’s the third coming together (!) that is the story.

We had gone on holiday together. It didn’t go well. We agreed to part after we got home. About three months later after finishing the roll of film in my camera I took it to the local supermarket that had a collect service. Three days later I collected them. I got to the car, sat in the seat and started to browse them.

I had forgotten that some of the photos were of Suzie from the holiday. As soon as I saw a photo my head began to buzz and chills came over me on a hot summer’s day. I will never get over how I felt because I have never had that feeling before or since. It is almost as if I wasn’t in my own body. I still find it hard to describe it.

I had to let it calm or I wouldn’t be able to drive back to the office. I drove but my head still buzzed but it was empty of any thoughts about Suzie. My mind was actually blank and yet my head buzzed. I went to my desk…… and the phone rang!

“Hello, it’s Suzie. I had to call. I felt something was wrong”. I was floored. “How did you get my number?”, because I had lost contact with her and so she couldn’t know my number. It turns out she phoned my mother who gave it to her.

We got talking. “How’s your mum….” etc. “I’ve got some photos of you from our trip. I’d like your mum to have them” (because I didn’t want them).  I liked her mum and she liked me. I think I was her perfect son-in-law.

Yes, we got back together for a third time but that didn’t last long.

The phone call after after I looked at the photos is way beyond chance or coincidence.

It raises for me the possibility that there are soulmates and yet you rarely get to connect with them. You can have a husband or wife (or call it partner) but do you have a telepathy between you? Is there a Sixth Sense that happens between people. Some say there can be a connection between humans and animals.

All I know is that there was a connection between Suzie and me across a distance of 50 miles and it could not have been a simple coincidence.

I sometimes wonder if I am supposed to be with her.

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