20th Century


Advertising seems to be almost everywhere these days, I don’t really object to it in principle as, without it, much of the world as we know it would look very different, but much modern advertising [more…]

20th Century

By the Numbers

On Going Postal we have a number of radio hams (holders of the Amateur Radio Broadcast Licence), and lots of others who have radio equipment with that tantalising logo on the tuning dial “SW”. SW [more…]

Viciousbutfair, Going Postal

A Call to Arms

I was peripherally involved in the battle of MediaMatters, it was heartening to see the Puffins doing their stuff and there were some excellent posts and comments, very proud of everyone that took part. I [more…]



An Idea for Christmas Gift? There have been a few good articles on GP about Kodi and the Amazon fire sticks for IPTV, I have tried them all and had some varying degrees of success [more…]