A Retro Sausage Extravaganza

El Cnutador, Going Postal
© El Cnutador, Going Postal 2020

Another from my Mum’s collection of cut out and keep from the Woman’s Friend, back of a sauce packet or wherever she picked it up from.

Takes about 25 minutes faffing, 45 minutes to cook. We used to call this Sausage Surprise as kids.


El Cnutador, Going Postal
© El Cnutador, Going Postal 2020

2-3 sausages per person
2 medium onions
1- 1.5Kg potatoes
Big pack of salad tomatoes
Tin of sweetcorn, drained
Pack of onion beefburgers (still in the freezer when the photo was taken)
2-300g strong cheddar, grated
2 packs of onion sauce and 1 pint of milk


Get the oven on at 160 deg C fan or 180 standard.
Slash the spuds into one inch-ish chunks, peel them first if you prefer.
Boil in salted water until cooked, then drain.
Add in a tablespoon of butter, three or four tablespoons of milk, salt and pepper and mash thoroughly.
While the spuds are cooking, either shallow fry or grill the burgers and sausages. When cooked, stack (burgers first) on the bottom of a big casserole dish.
Slice and shallow fry the onions in a little oil or butter and put on top of the sausages / burgers
Thinly slice the tomatoes, put a layer on top of the onions.
Using a big dessert spoon, put about a third to a half of the mashed potato on top of the tomatoes. Use the back of the spoon to spread the mash around the whole dish so you can’t see any tomatoes poking through.
Spread the sweetcorn over the top and scatter about a third of the grated cheese on top.

El Cnutador, Going Postal
© El Cnutador, Going Postal 2020

Prepare the onion sauce as per packet instructions and pour it over the sweetcorn.
Put the rest of the potato on top and again smooth it over with the back of a spoon.
Scatter the remaining cheese over the top and a few more slices of tomato.
Put it in the middle of the oven for about 45 minutes until the cheese is nicely browned.
Serve on plates, awaiting your guests to work out that the surprise is… Beefburgers!
RIP Mum.

© El Cnutador 2020