Saucisses en croûte

It is basically a giant sausage roll

Dead easy recipe for a midweek treat.

Prep time – 15 mins
Cook time – 30 – 40 mins

You will need:
2 packs of good quality sausages
1 pack of bacon
1 medium sized onion
1 bramley apple
1 pack of puff pastry
1 tblsp of sage, fresh or dried
1 tblsp of thyme, fresh or dried
1 teaspoon of salt

Pre heat oven to 220 C or 200 C for fan ovens.

El Cnutador, Going Postal

Finely chop the onion, sage and thyme if using fresh. Above I have some fresh sage handpicked by a “unicorn maiden” as my daughter described herself. The onion is omitted as it had rolled out of shot before I realised.

Bung everything in a mixing bowl and mince it through with your hands so the herbs and salt get properly mixed through.

El Cnutador, Going Postal

Lay out your puff pastry. Some brands come on a roll of baking sheet so can be put in the oven, which saves on the washing up later. Wrassle the sausagemeat mix into a giant sausage shape, making sure to compress it thoroughly. Lay out the bacon rashers and roll the sausage across so that the bacon is wrapped around it.

Lay the sausagemeat onto the puff pastry and cut slashes in the pastry, diagonally away from the centre.

El Cnutador, Going Postal

Fold the strips over the sausage, using a little dab of water to help the stick the ends together. At each end you will likely have a bit too much pastry, so trim this off, roll it out and use as decoration on top. Brush with milk to give a lovely brown glaze.

El Cnutador, Going Postal

Put it in the middle of the oven for 30 – 40 minutes depending on how good your oven is. Let it cool down for 5 minutes or so.

El Cnutador, Going Postal

Serve with chips, salad, coleslaw or leave to cool and enjoy for lunch.

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Ed. It’s Christmas, nearly. The last two years we have published Christmas food ideas. You can see them here ‘Christmas Recipes‘. Feel free to send yours in.

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