Larry’s Diary Week Thirteen


It was a pretty quiet day yesterday so I was able to laze around a bit. I undertook a few patrols of the estate just to make sure that Mickey and his mates weren’t taking advantage of there being less people around on a Sunday. I’m delighted to announce that my continued diligence appears to be working and no mice were found. I did note that Bozzie spent a huge amount of time on the phone and I think much of it was to other E.U. leaders.

I Can Still see You 
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Today is an ordinary Monday, Bozzie was eating his porridge when I found my cat bowl filled with my breakfast. He was skim reading a pile of newspapers and occasionally grumping or sniggering. He disappeared into his office to work on Brexit, or so he said, I wonder if he was really listening to the radio and having tea and biscuits while waiting for the 14:30 start of Parliament.The Scottish case against Bozzie for not obeying the Surrender Act was effectively thrown out this morning as he had sent a letter. The Judges held the case over just in case Bozzie was to withdraw the letter before the end of the month. This morning’s other major development was the publishing of the Withdrawal Bill. It’s quite long and lots of the opposition MPs have been moaning that they don’t have enough time to read it before it’s due to be discussed tomorrow. I feel sorry for them, isn’t that what research assistants are for?

The Poison Dwarf made a statement this afternoon as to whether there can be a meaningful vote on the WA. The Mogg obviously got under the Dwarfs skin on Saturday as he started off his statement by having a dig at him before going on to deny the discussion. It might have been a bit more diplomatic if he hadn’t been smirking throughout. The following points of order were very critical of him and when Sir Bernard Jenkin basically told him he was biased he went very red in the face and waffled on.The Tramp asked an “urgent question” of Bozzie about why the Withdrawal Bill was not available. He was upset that Bozzie wasn’t there to answer in person. Steve Barclay, who was standing in for Bozzie, pointed out that under HoC rules the Bill had to be handed in the next sitting day, as it had been, so it was the HoCs job to print it and make it available. That shut the old fool up.

I wasn’t surprised that the Mogg upset the Remoaners once again when he made his long-awaited Business Statement. He announced that the Government is to set a time table for the Withdrawal Bill that limits discussion to three days, with the aim of getting out on the 31st.
Lots of Remoaners complained that they would have to read and digest 110 pages overnight so that they can discuss things for the second reading tomorrow. I say tough.

Well that’s enough for today, I’m off for dinner and bed.


I always seem to be writing about food, that’s because I love it! Anyway, breakfast, with Bozzie reading the papers as usual. The papers all seem to think that he has managed to get just enough support together to get a second reading of the Withdrawal Bill. The word is that Labour may abstain so that they can say they have not lost a vote. However, the “Programme” vote looks much tighter, Dom thinks he will win but Bozzie isn’t so sure. Bozzie introduced the WB in Parliament this afternoon. In his speech he threatened to pull the Bill if it was amended or the timetable was voted down. He’d then press for a General Election. I still don’t see how he can get an election when Labour can’t make up their minds as to whether to vote for one or not. It’s reported on the Guardian website, that I read over Dom’s shoulder, that the Shadow cabinet had a row about it this morning. Corbyn loyalists wanted an election but others didn’t. They also report a shouting match between Kier Stoma and other about a second referendum. With Stoma being accused of “trying to ram a second referendum down their throats”.

The evening was interesting with the vote on the Withdrawal Agreement Bill being passed by 30 votes, which is a huge margin by current standards. Then the vote on the Programme was lost and there was a big row because it halted the Bill, putting it into a sort of limbo. The people who voted against the Programme clearly didn’t have any idea what they were doing, they thought they were just going to get more time but the Mogg knew and played them all.

Cliff Edge Vote 
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Bozzie and Dom had a meeting to discuss what to do, then Bozzie went off to ring around the important EU leaders and I went to get my grub.


Today started slowly and continued the same way. As usual I tried to listen in to conversations over breakfast, but didn’t hear much of interest as no one seems to want to make the first move. There was the usual slanging match at PMQs with Bozzie walking all over the Tramp once again. The E.U. were having a meeting to decide how long an extension to give, but they have put off a decision until Friday.


The day started well with chicken flavour food for breakfast, an omen for a good day? Boris called a special Cabinet meeting this morning to decide what to do next. I was listening at the door and I must say I heard one or two raised voices but I couldn’t make out what was said. Anyway, Bozzie came out smiling and went off to give an interview to that Laura woman who has the wonky mouth. He announced that he wanted an early December General Election and would be writing to the Tramp to ask for one.

The Tramps lot don’t seem to know what they want. They said they wanted an election once a “No Deal Brexit was off the table”. But now they are doing all they can not to have one. The rumours say there is a split in the Labour Party between the ones in favour of an election and those in favour of another referendum. I think that they’re scared of an election because they think they’ll lose and the Tramp will be thrown out as their leader. Dom pointed out that Labour and Momentum had both started advertising on Facebook and other sites that they were preparing for an election. Saw on the TV that a refrigerated container lorry had been found in Essex with 39 frozen Chinese in the back. The container had come from Belgium, but no one yet knows where the people got in it or where the container had come from. Did they get into it in Zeebrugge, where apparently it was for only two hours? Did they get in in another country? How long had they been dead?

Now that Bozzie has called for an election, the E.U. has decided to put off making a decision about any extension until the commons have voted on it. Bozzie has said that if the HoC agreed to a General Election he will bring the Withdrawal Bill back and give a lot of time for it to be discussed, but if it isn’t passed he’ll dump it. He also said he will bring no legislation before Parliament and keep pushing for a General Election. In other words, the Government would go on strike. Well, I’m going to get my supper and then see if I can find someone watching Question Time. I see they’ve got that old Lefty Ken Loach on and it should be good laugh listening to his communist rubbish.


As I was eating my Breakfast this morning the Tramp was on the TV saying that he’d only agree to an election if “No Deal was taken off the Table”. I thought that no deal was supposed to have been taken off the table by the Benn Act so what is he talking about. I think he has been looking at the opinion polls and realised that he can’t win at this time, so he’s booting into long grass.

Breakfast Is Served 
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Friday and for Bozzie it’s another hospital visit, this time it’s the Milton Keynes University Hospital. Of course he used it as another chance to push for an election, saying that The Tramp was running scared. The only thing I know about Milton Keynes is that it has concrete cows and is the home of the first Multiplex Cinema in the U.K.

Election Coming? 
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I hear the E.U. is sitting on the fence and has decided not to decide on an extension. They want to wait until we have had a vote in the HoC. But better than that The Tramp has recorded a video clip saying the Labour Party will hold a meeting over the weekend to decided how to respond. Firstly, the Labour Whips sent out a message to MP’s to tell them to abstain. Then the Party sent out a message to say that to abstain was just a holding position. Then the Whips sent out another message to confirm that MPs really should abstain. What is going on in the Labour Party, who’s in charge?


After Breakfast I wandered off to see if I could find a TV to watch the Rugby on. Why do they call them the All Blacks when some of them are White? Anyway, I enjoyed it even if I had no idea of what was going on. Bozzie was quite pleased too.

Get The Popcorn Out
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Some of the left-wing papers have got hold of a document which, they claim, proves the Government plans to weaken employment legislation in the event of Brexit. Business Minister Kwesi Kwarteng said it was “exaggerated”. I understand that he is the “duty minister” this weekend, but I don’t think he’s the right man to be left fielding problems at the weekend. I’ve seen him on Question Time and he comes over as dim as a Toc-H lamp. I read that the Wee Krankie had visited the Tramp and asked him to agree to a General Election. He, of course, was non- committal, saying that the party would decide at a meeting before Monday’s vote. The Krankie said she actually wanted a vote sooner than Boris has proposed and for this mad reason the SNP will vote against the motion on Monday.

Well I’m off to my lovely comfy basket. Talk to you on Monday.

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