Critical new info on mRNA vaccines

“MERS Coronavirus Particle” by NIAID is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Covid 19 scandal will go down in history as one of the worst in all history. Government, big pharma, the AMA, the mainstream media, and social media giants all colluded, lied, and coerced billions of people world wide to take an untested drug, in violation of the Nuremberg Code for medical experimentation, and destroy lives, businesses, careers, and wealth for personal gain and the heady rush of power.

Skeptics were fired from jobs, fined, blacklisted, and “deplatformed”. US Constitutional rights were thrown out the window.

The big question—will there be any justice for what they all did? Who will bring it, since it was government itself that perpetrated the worst crimes by enforcing suspension of civil liberties?

The two major party candidates for president both supported the continuation of these crimes. Only Bobby Kennedy Jr. has spoken the truth, and I fear that the majority of Americans still think he is an anti-vaccine nutjob. Of course, this is the mainstream media at work. He’s no such thing. He’s just against UNTESTED vaccines. What a concept!


Many thanks to Dr. Nicholas Bednarski for sending this. Dr. Bednarski, a physician with over forty years of experience, exposed how the Covid Control Program violated ALL TEN of the elements of the post WWII Nuremberg Code for Medical Experimentation, violation of any one of which constitutes a crime against humanity.

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