Spurious COVID-19 Case Numbers

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Here’s an unexpected ray of sunshine, much like a mid August day in the UK. The DT reports that Sir Andrew Pollard, head of the Oxford vaccine project has said, to an all party Covid group in the House of Conmen, that Covid is endemic and we have to live with it.

Monitoring mild symptons does not work, herd immunity was not likely, vaxxers can also get it and most people will encounter Covid at some point. Bit like a bad cold then really, how many here have said this?
The virus will throw up new variants that will infect vaxxed people too, we know this here and we are not even a Sir Professor, or is it Professor Sir? None the less the SP/PS may have just dug himself out of a noose on judgement day, interesting I think, why now, is something breaking beneath the bullshit facade?

In front of the same committee Paul Hunter. expert in infectious diseases at UoEA, (spits on the ground every time their name is mentioned) took a swipe at the non-believers because ‘the disease will spread in unvaxxed populations but latest data shows two jabs is only about 50% protection.’

Kind of a contradiction there Mr Hunter if you stop and think about what you said. If 100% were vaccinated would it all disappear, Israel, Iceland, budding 100 percenters, with still very high rates of infection. Do these unvaxxed folk have a moped so they can super-spread? Maybe the vaxxed are infecting the vaxxed, just possible maybe? Also IMO you are very generous with your 50% immunity, many studies are pitching it way lower than that.

However, the boy Hunter redeems himself somewhat, he is a WHO Covid adviser btw, he states that data should be collected in a different way, we should move away from cases and report actual Covid hospital admissions. He states “We are going to be frightening ourselves with very high numbers that don’t actually translate into disease burden.”

Wow, I would say if my vocabulary was limited or I was on The Repair Shop. Wow, did you just say we should stop publishing spurious case numbers extracted from 45 cycle tests and orange juice swab tests. I think you did Mr Hunter. We won’t tip you over with the whole infected by what shtick, why are you in hospital, do you have other illnesses, did you die with or because of? That is a step too far for Mr Hunter but we are grateful for your partial admission.

Again I wonder if this is arse covering on an industrial level, where have these guys been the last 18 months? This is the ‘I stated quite clearly before an HoC hearing that these restrictions are not workable’ defence. I didn’t say this until 18 months passed but now I see this entire house of cards about to fall on my sorry arse this is what I am stating. We have always been at war with FakeCovidStats.

Dr Ruchi Sinha (Imperial College NHS trust, phew that’s geographically close to the motherlode), I’m sidetracking now but are all these people just attempts at anagram names? Rishi Sunak, Ruchi Sinha, my chosen name from now is Rishi Sinha, don’t fuck with me, I know people.

Dr Sinha says not vaccinating children would not cause NHS problems, the only children at risk are those with comorbidities. Bit like all the adults then Dr Sinha? Maybe suggest next time that elderly folk hospitalised with comorbidities shouldn’t be put back into care homes, is that a step too far for you ‘Doctor’?

Anyway to conclude, Sajid Ruchi Sunak Javid, you know who I mean, this month’s Health thingy person, said Booster Rocket 3 is activated from next month. He will probably ‘ave a stall on Eastender’s Walford Market to sell it to the punters. What, you think I’m ‘aving a giraffe, leave it aht, you’ll bleedin’ see.’

Baronet Sir Professor Lord Pollard QC (I might have added a couple of titles, I get confused at my age) stated however that if mass testing is not stopped we will be in a situation where we constantly vaccinate the population. I have submitted the Pollard person’s name into the ‘National No Excrement Mr Holmes’ contest soon to be hosted on Channel Five. I think he may be worth an each way punt, you’re welcome betsters.

He goes on to say, and I precis now, I see you are weary, if people are infected they should be tested and treated otherwise leave the fuck alone, let the kids go to school and stop shutting shit down, I did say it was a precis but he would have said that if he was a free spirit, like what I am.

What is your point VbF, all mildly entertaining if a tad derivative but what is your fucking point, spit it out man (Kenneth Williams face). My point is DT and other organs (KWF) do not print stuff like this by accident, I see this as some step towards the Gubmint possibly rowing back on vaccine pressure, it may take some time but some at least may be seeking redemption. The words of these eminents are in the public domain, a place forbidden to them up till now, nothing happens by accident or good journalism anymore.

Comments BTL are mostly joyful, angry, the usual stuff etc, BTL know, Listen to the Children of the Night I say, listen to their howl, people know, a lot more of us know. It is interesting to see some of our Ancient GP Predictions getting the disinfectant of sunlight in the MSM, I’m sure there is a reason for this. I remain as always hopeful.

Source article is Time to Accept, 10th August, Daily Telegraph, behind a paywall so normal methods of entry apply. I have a special unpaid backdoor into the site (KWF) but it is simple enough to view. Hold the Line etc.

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