What are they doing in our name

Photo by Mike Benna on Unsplash

The fat Turk in a very recent interview with CNN has said that the Germans wanted the war in Ukraine to be over quickly. This has since been denied by the Germans but remember, this is an official denial and therefore most likely true.

This adds credence to the oft repeated and denied claim that the Ukrainians were about to make peace with the Russians until said fat Turk turned up in Kiev and encouraged Zelensky to continue the fight with promises of weapons and billions of dollars in aid. No doubt this was done at the behest of Washington.

The Germans were getting very concerned about their cheap gas from Russia and knew its loss would cripple their economy. This is exactly what has happened, the German economy is in the toilet, Wirtschaftswunder reversed.

We now have another case where Boris has blood on his hands (see the scamdemic and vaccines for more details). How many people have been killed since that fateful day. Must be in the high tens of thousands if not a hundred thousand.

Yesterday (Wednesday 23rd Nov) we had Jeremy “Isaac” Hunt explaining to us us how we have to reduce energy consumption by 15% so we can defeat Putin. Us reducing our energy use will have zero chance of helping defeat Putin, we do not source any energy from Russia. It must be another part of the Great Reset being slid in under our noses. No doubt we will be getting power cuts to encourage us to reduce consumption should we fail to comply.

My question is why does the Chancellor of the Exchequer announce this, surely it should be the PM or some other Minister, perhaps the one who is in charge of Energy. It does tend to add to my conviction that our PM is a mere figurehead and all the decisions are being made by Isaac, maybe dictated via the conduit of toe rag Tony “Satan” Blair.

It also makes more sense why we have Number 10 and the Home Office inhabited by foreigners. They are almost beyond criticism. It didn’t work for the Khazi of Kwarteng, who got his marching orders with none of the expected cries of racism ringing out loud and clear. He obviously was the wrong kind of ethnic, or at least his views were. Neither were the feminists up in arms when Liz Truss got the chop. It looks rather like somebody orchestrates these cries. Yes, I am telling you that the boy Jones among others is bought and paid for.

Referring once more to the Great Reset, you know the bit where we freeze and starve, some retailers have just announced there will be an egg shortage until next Spring. Man does not live by eggs alone but they are used in all sorts of meals, not the least of which is that Puffin favourite the full English.

Nobody should now be in any doubt what the evil cabal running this country have in store for us. I start to hanker for a Jeremy Corbyn administration, I don’t think he would have gone along with this though seeing what has already happened, they would have him out in no time had he not.

At least we have the bread and circuses pap of the World Cup to distract us from the shitshow our masters are making of running the country.

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