My Legends of Pop Music – Part Thirty – Status Quo

My Legends of Pop Music – Part Thirty – Status Quo

If get this right, there will be many cover versions by future bands. I shall try and link live versions if they exist from the tellybox or a film, the sound quality may not be the best, but there is nothing like watching a real talent live.

So, in a sort of chronological order, my thirtieth legends are: Status Quo

I have been a big fan of the Quo since the early days with “Pictures of Matchstick Men”.  Over the years I bought many of their albums.  They are one of those bands where most people will really enjoy their tunes, but a few will hate them.  If you are in the latter group, Top Tip:  Do not click play.

Their longevity is incredible and they are still going today, sadly without Rick Parfitt and Alan Lancaster

The featured track is From the Donnington Park concert in 2014 – It really is quintessential Quo.

Their back catalogue is very extensive indeed, I hope I have included some of your favourites though.

Curtesy of Wiki

Status Quo are an English rock band that formed in 1962. The group originated in London, as The Scorpions and was founded by Francis Rossi and Alan Lancaster while they were still schoolboys. After a number of line-up changes, which included the introduction of Rick Parfitt in 1967, the band became The Status Quo in 1967 and Status Quo in 1969.

They have had over 60 chart hits in the UK, more than any other rock band, including “Down Down“, “Rockin’ All Over the World“, “Whatever You Want” and “In the Army Now“. Twenty-two of these reached the Top 10 in the UK Singles Chart, and fifty-seven reached the Top 40. In July 1985 the band opened Live Aid at Wembley Stadium with “Rockin’ All Over the World”.

Status Quo appeared on the BBC’s Top of the Pops more than any other band. They have released over 100 singles and 33 albums, many of which were best-sellers. Since reaching number 5 on the UK albums chart in 1972 with Piledriver, Status Quo have achieved a career total of 25 UK top ten albums, extending all the way up to their most recent release, Backbone, in 2019.

Quo have now] sold approximately 118 million records worldwide.

Current members

  • Francis Rossi– lead guitar, vocals (1962–present)
  • Andy Bown– keyboards, rhythm guitar, harmonica, vocals (1976–present)
  • John “Rhino” Edwards– bass, rhythm guitar, vocals (1985–present)
  • Leon Cave – drums, percussion, backing vocals (2013–present)
  • Richie Malone– rhythm guitar, vocals (2016–present)

A full discography is here: –Status Quo

Pictures Of Match Stick Men (Live @ Montreux 2004) – Always liked this tune, this is a great live version.

Ice In The Sun -Video from 1968

Down the Dustpipe, live 1970 – Granada TV’s Doing Their Thing show in 1970.  Love it.

Paper Plane –  Live in concert in 2014

Mean Girl – Glastonbury Festival 2009 – Awesome guitarism. (I just made that word up)

Gerdundula (Live 2004) – Not a big hit, but terrific to see Francis Rossi, Rick Parfit, Alan Lancaster and John (Rhino) Edwards in a line playing guitars that I suspect few non-professionals could master.

Break The Rules –  I found this live concert video, very small place, looks like a school stage, but shows these lads can play.

Down Down (Live @ Dublin) The Frantic Four’s Final Fling, Live at the Dublin O2 Arena in 2014.

Roll Over Lay Down (Live at the NEC 1982)

Mystery Song – This is from a concert in Dresden in 2019 – Thought it be good to hear Richie Malone, he’s good.

Wild Side of Life : Status Quo (TOTP) 1976

Rockin’ All Over The World (Live Aid 1985) – The Quo have had there ups and downs over the years, but their performance in 1985 at the Live Aid concert brought them a new generation of followers.  To me the best performance of the day apart from Queen of course.

Again and Again – TV special in Germany in 1979 – classic

Whatever You Want (Live At Knebworth 1990) – Awesome.  I was at this concert.  I can honestly say that if you have never seen a live band in concert, then you will be hard pressed to find another band that can blow your mind like these lads.

Marguerita Time. Slade Bassist & Drums crashing off the stage. Top of the Pops 1984 – Funny ending on this!

In The Army Now – Glastonbury Festival in June 2009.

I leave you with this 10-minute medley, Status Quo “The Anniversary Waltz” (I & II)

Singalong, enjoy and be happy!

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Featured image: “Status Quo on stage in Cowes Yacht Haven” by David Jones is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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