I’ve seen the Vaxx and the Damage Done

The Vaxx and arrhythmia

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This article is about heart problems and a correlation I have personally made with The Jab. I didn’t think I would come to this conclusion but I am leaning that way.

Being a pedant my weapon is “How do you know that to be true?” and challenging Beliefs and Dogma versus Facts.

I recently had a 24 hr heart monitor because in August 2021 I wrote to my GP and said I had arrhythmia detected by my ECG machine. Because of all my personality advantages and computer analytical skills I took advantage of the returned monitor to add a number of personal observations to give them a whole load of health background. I figured that once they looked over the traces they would have questions and I wanted to help steer them in their conclusions.

The old subconscious did its trick of providing me with answers as soon as I woke in the morning. It was a frequent feature when I was programming that I would wake up with a solution even though problems and situations were never in dreams.

It connected the dots between vaxx and arrhythmia. From the “Department of Too Much Information” here is what I told the examining Cardiologists:-

21st December 2021

By August 2021 I started to develop mild palpitations and invested in a portable ECG machine. It reported Arrhythmia. I gave an ECG trace to my GP and the doctors decided it was an AFIB pattern. The surgery’s own ECG found nothing.

I supplemented myself with Potassium and Magnesium and for a period between September to November  I couldn’t record any arrhythmia. In the last two weeks I have recorded some but not at the frequency that originally caused me to report them to my GP.

I tried a Kardia Mobile 6L ECG which on two leads said “AFIB” and on six-leads said “No AFIB but indeterminate results”. My guess is that two leads can only record “Something going-on” and isn’t really accurate in its analysis.

If I look at the real-time trace on a two-lead ECG I believe the trace now looks more like PVC than AFIB. That is a a double beat every 3-4 regular beats. I have recorded several ECG’s that stated no abnormalities.

My BP is always around 140-145/70-75. My Spo2 is always 98-99%. My pulse varies between 45 at night to a peak of maybe 120 on exercise and seems to average around 60-70 during the day. At no time have I had a pulse above 130 after working in the garden. No tightness in the chest and no dizziness. (I have a good Omron BP meter, an Spo2 finger meter and my watch continuously record heart rate). I can get a little short of breath on continuous garden work but I can normalise within a minute by rest and breathing. No chest pain follows. I have never smoked and I don’t drink alcohol.

What I have noticed over the last three weeks is that my pulse can be between 45-60 during the day at rest. (Maybe I’m really relaxed”)

I am wondering if body chemistry is affecting the sinus rhythm. Could it be insulin? Could it be an excess or lack of ketones/electrolytes because of my diet? I eat intermittently during the day. I don’t drink much water, only three cups of tea a day.

It have always felt that body chemistry was the stimulus of my arrhythmia because I could correlate events with food, insulin and my normal medication.

Then something clicked. When did I have my vaxx?

First jab was February

Second jab May

Booster November

During June to August I had been feeling some palpitations but three years ago I had them and went to A&E. Ten minutes ecg that day found nothing and they said “anxiety” or “too much coffee”. Because of my keto diet I found out that it can deplete you of electrolytes and that can affect the sinus rhythm of the heart. So, I put it down to electrolytes and stared using Magnesium and Potassium.

I thought I would buy an ECG machine from Amazon, being a “What can I buy next from Amazon to put some joy into my life” junkie.

It was a two-channel ECG and all it can say is “Abnormalities” or “No abnormalities”. I sent the trace with a letter to my GP. The practice said “AFIB” and  prescribed Edoxaban anti-coagulant which I stopped taking as I wasn’t convinced it was AFIB.

Then I noticed that September to November I hardly had an arrhythmia. I started to eat more food, ignoring the keto aspect.

Then came “BOOSTER!” in November. I’ll be honest I was hesitating. I am relatively self-isolating anyway. I am a stay at home person. My hair is too long because I won’t risk sitting in a haircut salon. We have Ocado deliveries so I don’t have to go shopping. My exercise was in the garden chopping down trees. Mrs Lugs, however does go out and has activities and groups and she said “What if I bring it home?”. She browbeat me into it!

So, in November I had “BOOST!”.

During late November, December and today I suddenly have more frequent arrhythmia. The point to note is that I have no other symptoms associated with a heart problem per se. No tightness of chest, no racing pulse, no high blood pressure and Spo2 of 98-99%. The conclusion that I reach is that it is body chemistry that is affecting the normal sinus rhythm. Therefore, I conclude, based on my observations, that the “BOOST” is the factor.

I am also going to assume that it will eventually subside like the arrhythmia went away some moths after the last vaxx. Of course it’s a concern that all the time you have some palpitations and the induced anxiety only exacerbates the heart pounding and feeling of flutter. I have tried some relaxation and can get a “No abnormalities” reading. My conclusion is that if I had a chronic heart problem then I would have arrhythmia 24/7 and that is not the case.

THEN! The father of our daughter’s boyfriend has a stroke three weeks ago. On Christmas Day I asked him about his dad. “They say he has AFIB”. I started to tell them about how I seemed to have correlated my arrhythmia with the vaxx. “Hang-on!” he said, “Dad had the booster a week before the heart attack”. His father has had heart problems in the past. Smoked and certainly drinks too much. Fortunately, he’s fine. Going out for a meal, walking and cooking the Christmas Lunch.

I know I will get “We told you so” responses but with my co-morbidities a bad dose of Covid could be fatal. I didn’t have my Boost thinking “I will get arrhythmia but it’s a choice”. Until I had the Boost I wasn’t able to make my observation. The first time I used my ecg machine recording arrhythmia I had to accept that there was an obvious underlying heart/circulation problem, hence my request for a 24 hr monitor.

I didn’t expect they would subside all on their own, as they did. When they came back after the Boost to provide me with some correlation.

I am not pessimistic. I think they will go away all by themselves but it may take a few months.

I am prepared for some argument when my results come back. Just saying “Yes, you have arrhythmia” isn’t enough. I want to know the cause.

If they say “AFIB” I want to know if its because my heart chamber isn’t working or if the sinus rhythm is just going haywire so giving the appearance of AFIB.

I wish you all a Healthy New Year.

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