Biden inabilities threaten global peace

“File:Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (2nd Presidency).jpg” by Presidential Press and Information Office is licensed under CC BY 4.0

The idiotic usurper in the White House and his administration’s foreign policy is bringing the world closer to an apocalyptic end.

Russia for some time has been threatening and amassing massive military assets at the Ukrainian border. They have had threatening flyovers and Putin has made very clear Russia’s claim to the Ukraine. Now, don’t get me wrong. Ukraine is no angel but it has been profitable for the Biden crime family. It is a corrupt nation. Not one I want our military put in harms way necessarily to defend. I certainly do not want to see our great military enter a war with Russia.

Russia has been increasing spending tremendously on its military and, as a petroleum based currency, has been greatly aided in this by the incredibly stupid Biden energy policy. In other words since 2021 wehave been paying Russia trillions for oil that we had previously been supplying from our own reserves.

Here however, this administration has done all it can to belittle and destroy our military from within.

When Biden mentioned in his speech that if there was only a “small” Russian incursion then the response may be proportionate. He showed the world and our allies how weak we have become. China, North Korea, Russia and Iran took notice and have all become visibly excited and more dangerous. They now think the time has come to do whatever they want as all they see is a geriatric, mentally challenged piece of human excrement in charge here led by radical extremists intent on destroying America from within.

The Afghanistan withdrawal made it perfectly clear to all our enemies that our corrupt top military leaders and politicians have no idea what the hell they are doing. It was a totally embarrassing debacle of staggering stupidity and weakness with apparently no repercussions on the traitors involved.

We are now at a place where we are ordering out our families of US embassy staff and American citizens in Ukraine and telling them to leave while they can. We know from Afghanistan that this administration does not have an exit strategy for our people. This came after news was obtained from UK Intelligence services that Putin was looking to replace the Ukrainian leadership with one more sympathetic to Russia either prior to invasion or after. ( Embarrassing that our CIA didn’t get this info but also obvious as no foreign intelligence agency or country can place any trust in this pathetic failure of an administration. )

America. We have around 200 Florida National Guard servicemen and women in the Ukraine in military advisory positions and this administration has said it will ensure, when the time comes, that they all get out!!! Like the Afghanistan withdrawal you mean? Right ….

This as the idiot in charge is contemplating sending a couple of thousand American troops to the area to Sabre rattle. This will be part of a wider NATO plan which will be ineffective. Even the worthless Marxist head of the Church of Rome is calling for a day of peace. Pitiful. Do they think Putin cares about any of that?

China meanwhile continues to taunt America with massive military displays of power like the 39 fighter plane flyover by Taiwan just as we sailed in there with two aircraft carriers and a pair of amphibious assault ships in the Philippine Sea. China has done this multiple times with ever increasing sophisticated equipment. China has been very clear, like Russia, that Taiwan belongs to them and they fully intend on taking it back. This has been ongoing since 1949 when the split occurred. America still has not officially recognized Taiwan but is supportive of its democracy based government.

Iran to add to all this seems intent on accomplishing it nuclear ambitions, the primary one becoming a nuclear armed country and the total destruction of Israel. Thanks to Biden again, they are pretty much being given the green light to continue without fear of any serious repercussions. What a pitiful weak nation we have become in one short year. Who could have imagined our demise as a powerhouse would come so fast? The whole Middle East has become a major area of possible conflict where we had had peace for the previous four years under President Trump ruling from a position strength and not weakness.

North Korea as well understands that they too can thumb their noses at America and continue developing their weapons of mass destruction and the hyper sonic missiles they could carry those warheads on and reach even us. Again, no repercussions just threats that everyone knows are just that. Idle threats from a treasonous administration.

NATO is nothing without strong American leadership. We do not have that. They will huff and they will puff but they will not blow these houses of evil rearing their ugly heads into the dust they should. That organization, like the waste of time UN, are a bunch of toothless feminine bulldogs. All bark. No bite. More worried about “wokeness” than international peace and global stability.

The EU and NATO response is weak. Germany is so reliant on its fuel and coal deliveries from Russia (31% and 54% respectively of its needs) that it is wishy washy in its response as is Europe. Sending a couple of planes and a few soldiers will not deter Russia if it decides to enter Ukraine. Russia has sensed blood in the water and is circling like a shark. China and our enemies are watching in delight as we are looking weak and unsure.

Our diplomats are mentally outmatched by our enemies. They are inexperienced and do not have our best interests at heart. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken is a completely weak moron. A Biden aide with no real experience or abilities to be negotiating with the likes of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov who ran rings around him. What an embarrassment. When you get Biden and Putin talking together it is like a world leader (Putin) talking to a kindergarten kid. No match.

America. The domestic enemy within has strengthened over the last 60 years to become a worthy enemy that is far more dangerous to this constitutional republic than any foreign enemy has to date. Those our military were always able to take care of. Some of our own people have turned on this nation like rabid creatures, drooling saliva and bad breath and they deserve no sympathy but just total annihilation. Only then can this country mend and come together and face the world united and strong and once more be that beacon of light and hope for the rest of this globe.

To all servicemen and women. Past, present and future. To all law enforcement professionals. Past, present and future. I say the following. You all took the same oath to defend this nation against enemies foreign and domestic. That day is here. The threat from our domestic enemies far outweighs the threat right now to our existence, far more so than from our foreign enemies.

The day is nigh when you may need to recommit yourselves, remember that oath taken without an expiration date, and stand strong against our own brand of domestic enemy- the leadership of which is in both parties and scattered throughout every corrupt alphabet agency and offices of power. Their evil doer soldiers are emboldened by this administration and daily they show their hand. We know who they are. We know where they are. The day is nigh.

Fred Brownbill at the Save America Foundation.

Fred Brownbill 2022