Laughing Kamala Harris is in over her head

“Kamala Harris” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

America, just when you think you have seen it all, mentally challenged Joe Biden pulls out another idiotic move! This one is a doozie!! Even his most loyal slaves – whoops – followers have to be sniggering.

Remember when VP Kamala Harris was asked the other day about the humanitarian crisis on our Southern border and if she was planning on going there to see it first hand and she laughed? I am not quite sure what that racist simpleton thought was funny but apparently the whole border fiasco is funny to her!! ( Maybe she thought of a funny slogan about the crisis that her niece could promote in her clothing line? Careful Kamala, the Big Guy may want a cut. )

Anyway! Guess what? Yep, old Pervy Joe, sniffer of young girls extraordinaire, has put her in charge of the border problem!!! The one that is not a crisis.

She is now the point person from the Administration who will attempt to address the record surge in illegals and migrants, including all those pesky unaccompanied minors. How funny is that now Kamala??

She will be the ‘diplomatic liaison’ with Mexican authorities and with the other South American countries most involved, such as Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador! Her mission is to apparently work out why these migrants want to leave those crap hole countries for America, then throw billions of dollars at the problem to make it all better for them at home!!

Have you ever heard so much crap? Oh, and Biden, in announcing the move, blamed the crisis on guess who? Yes!! You got it! President Donald J Trump. Can Americans, of all parties, really and truthfully think that is possible? After all, our border was pretty much 100% secure under President Trump! Maybe Biden is having one of those senile moments. He just has so many we never know!

Biden mentioned he had tremendous experience in dealing with this same problem as VP under that racist traitor Hussein Obama’s administration! Anyone beside me remember what a mess that was? The massive caravans, the huge influx of MS13 gang members. The huge unknown number of America hating extremists that came over? What fun they had. I bet Kamala was laughing her head off then too!

We all know that the crisis and humanitarian tragedy happening hourly at our border was intentionally planned by the leftists in Biden’s administration. They will not stop until our border is not only porous but totally open to everyone.

Harris’s first statement to the media after her role was announced was “no question this is a challenging situation.”

Wow!! Astute. Wise. Awesome. Tremendous. Incredible. Am I laying on the sarcasm a little thick here? Probably I am.

Then she added “because we can chew gum and walk at the same time, we must address the root causes that cause people to make the trek.”

Anyone else left as unimpressed as me?

This problem is 100% Biden’s fault. Period. He reversed fantastic and strong border laws and regulations on his first day in office. These Trump regulations and the wall kept America safe and secure. Something you would think every president wanted to do. Not Biden or the Democrats.

We have well over 15,000 unaccompanied minors being held in very inhumane conditions, vulnerable to sexual and physical abuse and attacks and obviously vulnerable to Covid. In February alone Border Patrol reported contacts with over 100,000 migrants. This is ones they actually made contact with. You could easily double or treble that number with those just coming on in. 99% were never tested for Covid but allowed to enter America. Heck, they were even allowed to chose a day of their own choice of court dates. Not that the majority will ever attend. What a farce.

To this day neither Biden nor Harris have been there to witness their amazing but do treacherous and devastating handiwork. Biden says one day he will and maybe soon Kamala will too! I wonder if he will remember that!! Doubt it.

America. All Kamala Harris will do is take her well worn and scuffed knee pads on her 5 star travels ( ask San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown about those pads! ) to these southern countries and spread millions in our taxes out. You know, to fix their problems despite the many problems we have here in the United States. If you think those Countries leaders won’t love that, you are all crazy. ( I am talking about the money, not the action she is so practiced at! ) Plus I am sure a lot of that money will be corrupted out of the system and spread out among the leaders and their cohorts.

Great move crazy old Joe. You don’t fool anyone but those who blindly follow you for what they can get. The rest of us has your number. When I say the rest I mean over 75,000,000 of us!

Fred Brownbill at the Save America Foundation.

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