Frankenstein’s Party

NCVO London, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

T’was 2019, mid July
The whole nation was a’ high
With anger and rage
For their failed paige

Do it all May!
Just go away!
Could not please every geezer,
The treacherous Theresa

But big blonde Boris!
Burst onto the scene!
Another hit or miss?
The Brexit machine!

It has now been 24 months since premier Boris took charge of the politburo and was chosen to lead the council of ministers in the U.K….. Oh, hang on, this tyrant didn’t take power in a coup. This dictator didn’t kill his own countrymen on a path to political leadership. No, he did all the killing after he was elected, beggars belief. The flesh lump thinks that because he got himself elected, once, in a single issue election, that he now has the power of life and death over this nation. Passing laws depriving Britons of their right to bodily autonomy, threatening to jail journalists. All because they embarrassed his limp wrist pet Matt Nocock. The man is unhinged, inept, puppeteered by his lefty eco-loon tart and is wholly incapable of governance. Why oh why do people keep voting for the past. The Tory party is so dead that it’s deadder than the parliament of Theresa May. The tories don’t know what they are anymore. Are they a Conservative party? A centrist party? A libertarian party? A centre- left party? Or even a communist party? It seems to me that the tories are less zombie more Frankenstein’s monster. One arm clinging to the lamppost, one leg marching forward, the other back all while waving at the sky. For goodness sake they haven’t had a truly capable leader for the entirety of of my lifetime.

Yes, brexit is ‘done’ (almost, nearly, just a little more faffing about), but what else has been achieved in the last 2 years? Really, anything? No rolling back fascistic ‘hate speech’ laws which give our ridiculous ‘police’ force permission to spaff our tax money away on arresting mean people who said mean things on Twitter. The same force that sends jackbooted thugs out to ‘check people’s thinking’. The same stasi snakes that record ‘non-crime hate incidents’ why do the police need a list of names? Names of people who ‘think wrongly’, if no crime has been committed then why are the police involved at all. Unless this list of wrong-thinkers has a future purpose….. All the while children are being groomed, raped and sold for sex in northern towns and cities. Where are the navy? Why is our spineless leader allowing THE GOD DAMN FRENCH to ferry criminals into our waters and then turning round to say ‘it’s the law’. WELL CHANGE IT THEN! You’re the government, act, do something! You’re threatening to bring in more fascist press regulations, because you’re mate was embarrassed, but no action on the active, ongoing invasion of England.

Alas no, ineptitude is so rife in the Tory party that it is not worth saving. A organisation, that itself knows, not what it is. Knows not where it is going. It only knows that it needs power. Power at all cost. Power over principles. Money, control, power.

But there is still hope. Dynamite Dom Cummings is waging a one man war against Boris and his goons. GOOD ON HIM! Someone needs to speak the truth and expose the rank incompetence. Alas the Tory faithful, or should I say ‘Tory deluded’ do not like it. ‘Nooooooo you can’t be mean to the London centric elitist goon in blue because the London centric elitist goon in red might win’. Well so what? The tories do not deserve to rule, they are liars, they are bent and they are laughing at us. Gone are the days of gentlemanly conduct and confidentiality, anything and everything ends up in the open. Thank you Dom for letting the nation know how inept, foolish and wholly incapable our leaders truly are.


© Joshua Dalton 2021

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