What’s Life Like When You Don’t Pay The BBC TV Tax?

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Veterans Rally at the BBC 18th May 2019
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In 2010 I remember watching BBC 1 Live Broadcast on my telly one evening, which was becoming a rarity as I generally wasn’t really enslaved to their scheduled output and spent most of my time watching DVDs and new streaming services that were appearing on the internetz.  I also have a CAT6 cabled house and so could stream high definition films and other videos to various devices around the house (this was before WiFi took off).

Until I visited sites such as https://tvlicenceresistance.info/forum/, I never realised that if you didn’t view live broadcast, you are not required to purchase a TV Licence.  I’d always assumed that having a telly means you must buy a licence.  Nope, it’s not true but one of these falsehoods that’s repeated so many times that it became an accepted truism.

After getting absolutely incensed over another biased piece of broadcasting from the BBC, I decided to cancel my TV Licence.  The next day I phoned up TV Licensing on 0300 790 6165 and said I wanted to cancel my direct debit.  They said no problem and the lady asked why I was cancelling.  I said, “Because I no longer watch Live Broadcast”.  She said Ok, but if I do change my mind afterwards, please contact them again.

So that was it.  I pulled the aerial out of the back of the TV, detuned the analogue tuner (you just press the search tv channels button and switch off the TV) and carried on watching and streaming films.  I still had an old plasma TV but had a box of tricks called Popcorn Hour which streamed films around the house.  Now I have a smart TV which connects directly to the internetz, so no need for the box.

A week or so later one evening I heard a knock at the door.  I opened it and there was this young man in a suit saying, “I’m here to get you to pay for your TV Licence”.  I replied, “Well, you’ve had a wasted journey, son” and closed the door.  He skulked away like the proverbial dog with its tail between its legs.

I had two more uneventful visits over the next few months and then nothing.  The automated Threatogram letters arrived on a monthly basis which I threw in the bin unopened but after two years stopped.

And that was that.  Over £1,000+ saved over nine years and depriving much needed cash for the Cultural Marxist’s seriously underfunded gold-plated final salaried pension scheme.

So, what is life like without a TV Licence?  Well, it seems bizarre that only decades ago we used to sit in front of our tellies each night slaved to the broadcast schedule with a choice of three, four then five channels.  The internet changed all that.

I hardly watch any Live Broadcast nowadays, I’m not a slave to it anymore.  I don’t read newspapers, don’t watch any Sky or BBC news – just Going Postal and a few independent blogs and films, lots of films from Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and Sky Go, co-sharing accounts with family members.  I don’t get riled up like my friends and peers every morning when they start ranting and raving over things they’ve seen on the telly the night before, or parrot word for word what they’ve read in a newspaper.  Utter propaganda.

Life is simpler, less stressful and far more enjoyable.  Ms Geeks occasionally watches EastEnders on iPlayer on her iPad and last year she watched Wimbledon Live on the smart TV.

Ah Geeks, but you are breaking the law!!  Yup.  Unfortunately, there’s nothing that the BBC can do anymore in the Digital Age and over a million people cancelled their licences last year, seeing how the sham is so obvious nowadays.

My young niece and nephew haven’t bought a TV Licence.  They don’t watch Live Broadcast.  Well they do on their iPads and smart TVs but they just shrug their shoulders and say, “meh” and watch Live Broadcast on YouTube.

The UK TV Licence is an anachronism, it should have gone years ago but politicos need the BBC and its underfunded pension needs the taxpayer’s cash.  The BBC is nothing more than a steppingstone for the Elite to top up their pension funds.  It’s is a shadow of its former self and the only way to put it out of its misery, is for all of us to stop paying.

And like the NHS, isn’t it wonderful that we British Taxpayers fund this broadcast service so the rest of the world can view its propaganda for free?

Until recently, if this happened, I thought the Tories would cancel the telly tax and put the fee onto council tax, but because of the precarious lead of the Tories and the massive public hatred of the BBC, I think this would backfire massively and no Tory would risk that.  For the first time, I really think the BBC could be forced to go subscription which would mean its empire would shrink to a fraction of its size and be mostly supported by its commercial subsidiaries: BBC Studios, BBC Global News and BBC Studioworks.  So for you Radio 4 fans, don’t panic, the commercial arm of the BBC will keep funding the radio station.  It’s just like Sky, they may only send one reporter to a worldwide event, rather than thirty.

And to think, just by closing your door to their commission driven salesmen, sorry, “Enforcement Officers” the whole sorry shebang becomes moot, even with the threat of less than 100 “search warrants” issued to those who were silly enough to open the door, sign the confession form or spout Freeman Of The Land wibble or just being abusive.

Remember folks, say nothing, sign nothing and shut the door.

It is this knowledge that shows you just how much a house of cards that the premise of the TV Licence is based upon.  We’ve all been hoodwinked and kowtowed into paying it for the myth that is the threat of imprisonment for non-payment, which is a lie: it is the non-payment of the fine that will result in imprisonment, like any other legal matter.  It is the BBC’s propaganda of fear that has stopped many from cancelling, but that dam has now burst, and we now see the Islington Emperor without his garments.

Do cancel your telly tax if you haven’t done so already – if you have any concerns then please view my previous articles on how easy it is to do and how all the media driven negative connotations around this are totally untrue and avoidable.

BBC – It’s The Unique Way I’ve Removed Your Funding

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