Reform & Real Reform

Those of us struggling to get a grip on Chancellor Sunak’s latest relief-measures should note the terminology. He seeks to revive the Covid-stricken economy with a series of tax “giveaways”.  When anyone in government talks [more…]



It seems the ‘Western’ Democracies are stumbling into a new dark age, the historical perspective would suggest the Roman Empire has the template for ultimate failure. An inability to protect its borders, the degradation of [more…]

Emile Woolf, Going Postal

Post-Lockdown Choices

Lockdown rules have made extensive use of the word “essential” in relation to goods, services, journeys and jobs that may be exempted from lockdown strictures. It sounds like an objective standard, but interpreting it is [more…]

WorthingGooner, Going Postal

The 97% Lie

I got so fed up of being told that “97% of scientists believe in Man Made Climate Change” every time someone queries the Global Warming (or whatever it’s being called this week) scam that I [more…]