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There’s an old online adage: if you can’t beat the censorial posting comments algorithm, make it an article.  And so I will.  Twice censored in the comments that nobody reads.  Thanks, Disqus codebase.

A lazy Wednesday afternoon missive with my mum about my recently late dad, who came from a council estate in London, went to night school to get his printing qualifications, paid by himself, and started his own business:

The current burgeoning SME tax regime does make me angry. Back in the day, my dad risked our home by putting it up for collateral in order to raise capital to purchase an expensive business asset to make his company profitable.

Labour thought it was appropriate to tax the “rich” as the “poor” didn’t have what the “rich” had. The media would say the rich had money, opportunity and entitlement, I would say that the resentful Labour political parasites worshipped laziness, welfare, poverty in order to justify their own relevance to continue their false regime for taxpayers’ income under the umbrella of a perceived, uneven level of opportunity.

Despite this, the entrepreneurial ordinary working class, like my dad, risked everything to create wealth and opportunity for the country and garner increased employment for the UK working class. Labour’s answer in the 70’s was to tax them into oblivion. Due to their gross stupidity, ignorance of economics, jealousy, greed and trying to maintain political relevance and power.

Nowadays, the so-called “Conservative” (Globalist) party are doing the same thing 30 years later: making the economic arena of small business a toxic wasteland, especially with the introduction of the sinister Globalist ESG framework, that hinders companies from getting capital if they don’t have enough Windmills, Windrush and Whitehall Wankers in their company portfolios, hence the dark side of the MSM adverts and Netflix.

None of our political parties represent us anymore. Oxbridge upper class spastics, retarded furry-lipped diversity quotas sporting comedy beards and nodding towards the Qibla, spread-legged ginger growlers, underwear modelling nonces, blue haired eco mentalists and entitled and compromised puppets all reading from a Globalist super-script promising sinecures for being obedient Children of the Corn and selling out to us useless eaters.

The beguiling scum floats to the top; the perverted, intrusive, annoying, aggravating pointless moth is attracted to the flame of political power and desired political celebrity. The quotidian expression for politics: “Hollywood for ugly people” has never been more apt within our Hogswarts Swinery.

The two main parties are simply bloated, puss-filled cheeks from the same fetid, putrid, anal leakaged stained arse, all gorging off a pool of diminishing taxpayer’s wealth, via the public money laundering grifting schemes of corporate and financial favours, including the post prime ministerial “speeches circuit”, “book signings”, “board memberships” and “publicly tossing off into a freshly made compost of wisteria”, donated of course, by György boy Soros’ favourite fiscal pastime, Black Flies Matter.

It’s a totally corrupt, unaccountable, evil system and it is most certainly not a reflection of the critical thinking UK populace.

In today’s political theatre, the actors may change, but the hand up their arses remains the same.

In the same way that the chances of any government saving us are a million to one – about the same chance as anything coming from Mars.

My elderly mum just said one line to this: “Absolutely correct”.

In retrospect, I might need to turn her heating up if it’s too cold for her to type a longer reply. 🙂

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