War is Over…….GloboCap Wins!

DJM, Going Postal
Historic Win.
Historic Win,
F. C. Photography
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Well OK, so, that was quite unsettling. For one terrifying moment there, it actually looked like GloboCap was going to let Roossian-Asset-Literally-Hitler win. Hour after hour on election night, States on the map kept turning red, or pink, or some distinctly non-blue colour. Wisconsin … Michigan … Georgia … Florida. It could not be happening, and yet it was. What other explanation was there?…….. Teh Roossians were stealing the election again! But, of course, GloboCap was just playing with us. They’re a bunch of practical jokers, those GloboCap guys, & of course, couldn’t miss the golden opportunity to wind up the Puffinati…… one more time. Not that I don’t enjoy a good prank, but my dwindling number of wokey frens were on the verge of suffering major heart attacks as they breathlessly waited for the corporate media to confirm that they had successfully voted a literal dictator out of power. And then the faux Chyynese water torture of appeals through the Courts, bad hair dye days under the TV lights, The Powell & Wood Show (the worst double act since Cannon & Ball), the pitiful homage at the Capitol toward Saturday night chucking out time at Colburn Lodge. But, hey ho, whatever. That’s water under the bridge. The good news is, the Nightmare is over! Literally-Hitler and his underground army of Roosia-lovin’ white supremacists have been vanquished!! Decency has been restored !!! &, &, &,…….. Globilisation has risen from the dead !!!!

And, of course, the most important thing is, racism is really over ………. again !!!!! Yes, that’s right, peeps, no more racism … … The Dems are back in the White House! According to sources, the domestic staff are already down in the West Wing basement looking for the MLK bust that Literally-Hitler-Trump ordered to be removed the moment he was sworn into office. College kids are building pyres of racist and potentially racist books, paintings, films, and other degenerate artworks. Jussie Smollett can finally come out of hiding. OK, granted, they’re not going to desegregate liberal cities or anything crazy like that, or stop “policing” Black neighbourhoods like an occupying army, but Kamala Harris is Black – well, mostly – and Ol’ Chyyna Joe will tell us more stories about Corn Pop and other dangerous Black people he hasn’t jailed, so that should r e a l l y calm down all those BLM folks.

In the meantime, the official celebrations have begun. Assorted mass-murdering GloboCap luminaries, government leaders, and the corporate media are pumping out hopey-changey propaganda like it was 2008 all over again. Talking heads are breaking down & sobbing on television. Slaphappy hordes of Covidian Cultists are amassing outdoors, masks around their necks, sharing champagne bottles & slobbery kissing one another protected from the virus by the Anti-Trump Force Field that saved the BLM protesters last Summer. It’s like VE & VJ Day, with a heavy sprinkle of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, all rolled into one!

This is completely understandable, given the horrors of the last four years, the concentration camps, the wars of aggression, the censorship, the CIA murder squads, the show trials and all that other dictator stuff. On top of which, there was all that white supremacy and that anti-Semitism, and that wall that transformed America into an “apartheid state” where people were imprisoned in an open-air ghetto and gratuitously abused and murdered. (Note to Ed – can you fact check this paragraph ?) But let’s not dwell on all those horrors right now. There will be plenty of time for all that later, when DJT is made to do the perp walk into court and tried for his many crimes against humanity.

No, this is a time for looking ahead to the Brave New Global-Capitalist Normal in which everyone will sit at home in their masks surfing the Internets on their microwaves with CNN playing in the background … well, OK, not absolutely everyone. The affluent will still need to fly around in their private jets and helicopters, and take holidays on their yachts & private islands, you know, all the usual stuff to which they’re surely entitled. But the rest of us won’t have to go anywhere or meet with anyone in person, because our lives will be one never-ending Zoom meeting carefully monitored by official fact-checkers to ensure we’re not being “misinformed” or exposed to “dangerous conspiracy theories” which could potentially lead to the agonised deaths (or the mild to moderate flu-like illnesses) of hundreds of millions of innocent people.

But let’s not count our chickens just yet. As much as you’re probably looking forward to life in the BNGCN or the Great Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeset or whatever they end up calling the shiny new totalitarianism, it isn’t a done deal quite yet … not until Roossian-Asset Hitler has been thoroughly humiliated and removed from office, and anyone who voted for him, or didn’t believe he was literally Hitler, or a Russian asset, or who otherwise refused to take part in the mindless, corporate-media-generated Anti-Trump Hate-Fest, has been demonised as a “racist,” a “traitor,” a “conspiracy theorist,” a “far-right extremist.”, or even (clutches pearls) a commenteratist on Going Postal. That’s probably going to kick in the early doors of 2021.

I’m pretty certain the plan is still to goad Trump into overreacting and trying to resist his removal from office. And I do not mean just in the courts. No, after all the money, time, and effort that GloboCap has invested over the last four years, they are going to be extremely disappointed if he just slinks away without going full-Hitler and starting a Second Civil War. No, GloboCap needs to make an example of Trump for winning this election & to put down the widespread populist rebellion against global capitalism and its ideology that started back in 2016. (Of course, it doesn’t make any difference whether Donald Trump is actually a populist, or whether people realise that it is global capitalism and not cultural Marxism that they are rebelling against).

According to the script, this is the part where Trump refuses to respect “democracy” and has to be forcibly dragged out of office by the Secret Service or elements of the military, ideally “live” on international television. It may not end up playing out that way (DJT is probably not that dumb), but that’s the Act III scenario for GloboCap: the “attempted Trump coup,” then the “perp walk.” They need the public and future generations to perceive him as an “illegitimate president,” a “usurper,” an “intruder,” an “imposter,” an “invader” … which, he is. (Being rich and famous does not make you a member of the GloboCap Power Club – C’mon on man, do you really think DJT would be welcomed by the membership at Augusta National? The corporate media are already hard at work manufacturing this version of reality, not only in the content of their “reporting,” but also with the unbridled contempt they are showing for a sitting president. The networks actually cut him off in the middle of his post-election address… The Twitter Corporation first censored his tweets & then shut down his account………What could possibly be more indicative of who is really in charge? Meanwhile, the GloboCap propaganda has reached some new post-Orwellian level. After four long years of “RUSSIA HACKED THE ELECTION!” … now, suddenly, “THERE IS LITERALLY NO SUCH THING AS ELECTION FRAUD IN THE USA!”

DJM, Going Postal
Laurel and Hardy, not sure.
Laurel & Hardy,
Insomnia Cured Here
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That’s right. Once again millions of lefties, just like the scene in 1984 where the Party switches official enemies right in the middle of the Hate-Week speech, have been programmed to reverse their “reality” & hysterically deny the existence of the very thing they have been hysterically alleging for over four long years.. and at the same time, Trumpsters have been reduced to repeating, over & over again, The Media Does Not Select The President, Biden Is Not the President-Elect, & other versions of THIS CANNOT BE HABBENING.

I’m not one for rubbing salt into wounds (particularly those whose faces are currently being stamped upon by GloboCap’s Big Boot, but, yes, THIS IS ACTUALLY HABBENING). Second U.S. Civil War or not, this is the end for DJT. As Ol’ Chyyna Joe & the corporate media keep telling us, we are looking at a very dark winter, on the other side of which a new reality awaits us………..a shiny new totalitarian reality.

Call it the “New Normal”………..or whatever you want. Pretend “Democracy” has triumphed, if you want.

Keep apart from others outside your State permitted bubble. Mask your children. Live in fear of an imaginary plague. Comply with the censoring of all dissent. Ban all protests (apart from those officially approved). Do NOT attempt to adjust your telescreen. Click on the link to join the Zoom meeting. Have Identity Papers, Ausweis & Vaccination Certificates ready for mandatory inspection. Get down on one knee…. It’s GloboCap fucking Über Alles!

DJM, Going Postal
War is over.
The War Was Over,
John Loo
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