Colonialist Le Grand Fromage, Part Two

François Gérard Georges Nicolas Hollande, Syria / Mali and Continued Errors

AW Kamau, Going Postal
Le Grand Fromage.
François Hollande – Caricature,
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Saudi Arabia prepared its forces to launch against Damascus, while compliant UK Lame Stream prepared the media ground. Coordination of forces had been prepared in Jordan during Eager Lion 2012, UN the statutory septic command. Lebanese leaders agreed to remain neutral by signing the Baabda Declaration. Syria was expected to fall quickly. But then Russia fired two intercontinental missiles, a Topol from the shores of the Caspian sea, and a Bulava from a submarine in the Mediterranean. The message was clear, if the Western coalition had not understood the two Chinese and Russian vetoes in the UN Security Council, and chose to attack Syria regardless, then prepare for a new world war.

Geneva I

On 30th June in Geneva, former UN SG Kofi Anan, mandated by his successor Moonbat and the SG of the Arab League presided over an international conference concerning the future of Syria. No Syrian rep was invited. The US and Russia said they would not go to war over the “Near East”. They decided on the creation of a government of national union under the presidency of Bashar al-Assad along with a few elements of the SNC. The threat of war was over and the world remained bipolar.

Except Sec of State Hillary Clinton had no intention of ratifying the end of the unipolar world, nor of respecting her signature (which, according to her, had been extorted under threat), and except that the French (Laurent Fabius) and British Minister (Don’t be vague, call me Hague) expressed “reservations” about the interpretation of the final communiqué.

The seeds of greed planted in Abu Dhabi (refer to end of previous article) proved to be fruitful. Everyone rushed to Paris for the third conference of the “Friends of Syria” on 6th July 2012. One hundred and thirty states and INGOs attended, lured by the scent of oil, hydrocarbons and humanitarian freebies. Despite the fact HRC and Lavrov had signed a peace treaty a week before, a strong US delegation present was ready to relaunch the war.

Hollande mounted the podium (not literally) and asked for young journalist Abu Saleh to be seated next to him. Hollande’s “speech” at Geneva I wasn’t written by his cabinet staff, but composed in English in Washington, then translated into French.

After the conference and returning to France, Hollande and Abu Saleh, in front of the Elysée lengthily praised the “revolutionaries” in full camera. Lamestream withdrew the images when it was pointed out to Hollande that Abu Saleh was an anti-human rights criminal who had participated in revolutionary tribunals which convicted 150 Christians and Alawite civilians, and had their throats slit.

On 12th July operation “Damascus Volcano and Syrian Earthquake” began. More than 40,000 mercenaries from all Arab countries (including Feb 17th brigade from Libya who killed US Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi), trained in Jordan (Eager Lion) by the Cocaine Importation Agency, supervised by France and UK, paid for by Saudi Arabia, crossed the border, mostly from Jordan, heading for Damascus. The peace treaty signed two weeks earlier in Geneva (Geneva II) was instantly memory holed.

On 18th July 2012 morning, an explosion destroyed the National Security headquarters where some members of the National Security Council were meeting.

It cost the lives of General Daoud Rajha (Defence Minister), of General Assef Shawkat (Deputy Minister) and of General Hassan Turkmani (Assistant Vice President of the Republic). Washington hoped that the partial decapitation of the military would lead some senior officers to defect with their units, or even to turn against the civilian government. This did not happen. President Bashar al-Assad immediately signed decrees appointing successors and the seamless continuity of the state was ensured. Western leaders refused to condemn terrorism, heading the cast was Call Me Dave delivering his blunt warning to Bashar al-Assad, that he must leave power immediately or watch his country descend into civil war.

In the age of media war coverage, a studio was already established in the basement of the Hotel Dama Rose, where General Robert Mood and other UN observer flunkies lived in luxury with guaranteed security (it wasn’t a target) in order to “report”.

At the UN Security Council, China and Russia, for the third time vetoed a draft resolution authorising Western military intervention. The Septic’s backed off. Fake Syrian TV programmes, broadcast by the Cocaine Importation Agency from Australia reporting the flight of Bashar al-Assad were not broadcast.

In September, Hollande, Fabius met with Recep Erdoğan in New York to develop a “Homo” operation (targeted assassination) against their opposite numbers Bashar al-Assad and Syrian Minister for Foreign Affairs. This wasn’t the first time France attempted to assassinate a foreign president. In 2008, Agent Sarkozy sent a team to Caracas commanded by Frederick Laurent Bouquet to assassinate Hugo Chavez. Another fiasco where the plan relied on cleaning staff at the Palace and was discovered. France paid substantial compensation to cover this up during Agent Sarkozy’s term in office.

In May 2013, NATO issued a report indicating that 70% of Syrians supported al-Assad, 20% supported the rebels and 10% expressed no opinion. Paris and Ankara concluded there would be no bounty unless they returned to the initial plan and bombed Syria. They decided to up the ante in order to bring pressure on Washington.

On 21st August a chemical attack affected Syrians in Ghouta (Damascus outer suburb) in a zone controlled by jihadists. Western lame stream roared into action accusing Syria of being responsible, elevating Obama’s “red line” on use of chemical weapons. Western coalition were then preparing to “punish the regime” by bombing its capital.

The Syrian government denied any involvement, and pointed out to media, including the UN utopians in Hotel Dama Rose, that on 23rd May in Adana, Turkish police had arrested 11 jihadists in possession of a large quantity of sarin gas. They further compounded the point that the “Free Syrian Army” had itself broadcast videos of a small laboratory for the manufacture of chemical weapons.

France and UK assured (themselves) they had taken samples on-site and tested them immediately. The tests conveyed the use of sarin gas. The problem arose when it was pointed out to both governments (which they knew) that the only known tests take 10 days to perform and neither government had qualified staff already in the country nor could they access Ghouta. That didn’t stop Call Me Dave recalling parliament and lying.

MI6 privately advised Call Me Dave and warned him of a false flag operation. Call Me Dave’s drama was compounded when Syrian TV broadcast a jihadist driver’s video confirming he had collected toxic shells from a Turkish barracks and then secretly shipped them to Damascus. Having recalled parliament and Call Me Dave having ordered an urgent vote on Syria, the MPs voted the motion down forbidding Call me Dave from attacking Damascus until conclusive proof was provided and proven.

MPs, many of whom recalled the depth of their involvement against Syria, also remembered the damage done after joining in the war against Iraq in 2003 on the basis of fraudulent accusations by Charles Lynton and Dubya Bush. Obama, having his staff read the tea leaves for him, left it to Congress, which he knew was opposed to any military adventure, whatever it might be. This was the usual delay tactic deployed by Obama, because the Syrian Accountability Act of 2003 gave him all the power he required to destroy Syria.

During this period, Hollande continued to proclaim that his conscience was ordering him to “hit” Damascus, confirming he was pursuing the work of the Colonial Party. Having spoken too loud and too fast, it dawned upon him he was the only player left in the game he created.

Russia helped the Septics extricate itself with a slither of credibility by inviting Syria to sign the Chemical Weapons Convention, which it immediately did. Al-Assad agreed with OPCW to find a way of destroying existing stocks, which was done with Russia destroying them with payment by the Septics to Syria via Qatar again. This chapter should have closed until the problem boomeranged on the West when Damascus found further, similar weapons in jihadist bunkers. They had been delivered by the Cocaine Importation Agency and had been manufactured in both Chemring Defence (UK) and by Federal Laboratories and Nonlethal Technologies (US).


On 11th January 2013, Hollande compounded his list of errors further having decided on military intervention in Mali regardless of being clueless of the historical culture or context. This wasn’t an episode of Arab Spring but as a consequence of the destruction of Libya. Mohamed Siala (Minister for Cooperation and administrator of the Libyan Investment Authority predicted this in 2011).

“The continent can only export raw products. We are investing in Africa so that these products can be processed in Africa and commercialised by Africans. We want to create jobs and keep the surplus in Africa. On one hand, Europeans applaud us as this policy dries out migration fluxes. On the other hand, they are against it since it means having to give up colonial exploitation. The Westerners want to maintain Africa in a situation where it will only export raw products and commodities.”

The Tuaregs are nomadic people residing in Central Sahara and the borders of the Sahel (semi-arid scrub shared between Libya, Algeria, Mali and Niger). While having obtained protection of the first two states, they have abandoned the other two. Since the 1960s they have constantly questioned the sovereignty of Mali and Niger on their territory. With perfect logic, they decided to bring their demands to fruition in Mali. The National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (NMLA) took power in almost all of Northern Mali, where they live. However, a small group of Islamist Tuaregs, Ansar Dine, trained by Saudia Arabia and attached to AQMI (al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb), profited from the opportunity to impose Sharia law in a few localities (including Timbuktu).

On 21st March 2012, an outlandish coup d’état occurred in Mali. A mysterious “National Committee for the Recovery and Restoration of the State” (CNRDRE) overthrew President Amadou Toumani Toure and declared it wanted to restore Malian Authority in the north of the country. Confusion followed since coup leaders were incapable of explaining how their actions would improve the North. Even more bizarre was that a presidential election was planned at the end of April 2012 and the outgoing president had already declared he wasn’t running again.

The CNRDRE was composed of officers trained in the US. It barred the election and handed power to one of its candidates, Francophile DionCounda Traoré. This appointment was rubber-stamped by ECOWAS, whose president at the time was Alassane Ouattara of Côte d’Ivoire, who was placed into power in 2011 by the French Army. The coup d’état accentuated the ethnic division in Mali. Since the Mali trained in the US “elite forces” had a Tuareg command structure, they joined the rebellion with all their arms and equipment.

Ansar Dine, supported by other Islamist groups, attacked the town of Konna. They had, therefore, left Tuareg territory with the intention of spreading Islamic law in the south of Mali. Transitional president Dioncounda Traoré declared a state of emergency (his elite force having gone north) and in December 2012, called for French help. Paris immediately intervened in order to prevent the fall of the capital city Bamako.

Operation Serval started in January 2013, specifying the target as al-Qaeda as the enemy, though in reality, the fight was against Islamic Tuareg insurgents. Yet this was the same al-Qaeda that was, according to France and its support, doing a good job in Syria and had organised the Free Syrian Army. Panic stricken at another mistake (and loss of financial freebies), Hollande ordered the French military to halt any further advance, in order to allow the jihadists’ Qatari military advisers to withdraw. Qatar broke off its “special relations established by Agent Sarkozy” with France. Having closed its embassy down, repatriated all its staff and withdrawn its military forces, disowned by Washington, Hollande had no presence on the ground and no future plan of action. Hollande declared in the Elysée;

“There is an old tendency which is known as France’s African policy, and it’s inadmissible for an administration to function according to an ideology. There is a recruitment problem at the Quai d’Orsay and the Ecole Nationale d’Adminsitration1, and recruitment must be reorganised.”

Hollande then attempted to repair his stupidity and patch things up with his benefactor Emir al-Thani. He rushed to Doha via Air Sarko super plane in a panic, where he accordingly received a chilly reception, bordering on the cold shoulder.


[1] Quai d’Orsay is the Foreign Ministry location, and the ENA is the exclusive University that is a training ground for top officials in the French Government.

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