Always Worth Saying’s Question Time Review

Question Time 2nd February 2023

The Panel:

John Lamont (Conservative)
Ian Murray (Labour)
Jenny Gilruth (SNP)
Ella Whelan (Journalist)
India Willoughby (Broadcaster)

Venue: Glasgow

If Westminster is a village then I’m forced to concede to Puffins that at times so is QT Review HQ. Your humble reviewer must declare an interest. He knows ‘India’ Willoughby albeit through ‘a friend’. In different times India was Jonathan and is pictured here, in an age of innocence now long past, wearing a suit, collar and tie next to a resting Class 37 beneath the cantilevered splendour of Carlisle Citadel Station roof on a misty spring day. Here, Jonathan (right) enjoys a pint in a Triad drinking den beneath nearby Lowther street. Where did it all go wrong?

In the progressive, Liberal, decadent, degenerative, lower Dantean circle that is Newcastle-upon-Tyne, that’s where.

After a stint as a Border TV reporter and presenter in our home town, Jonathan began his own company, Angelic Public Relations.

The draw of the big city, the smell of the Tyne, the taste of Newkie Brown, the hanging meat in the Grainger market (behave yourselves), dressing up in women’s clothes and the off chance of winning a domestic Wendyball trophy once every seventy years proved overpowering.

His public relations work tempted him along the yellow brick road to Tyneside where he lived during the week clothed as a woman and called India, before returning to his wife and family in Carlisle for the weekends. Wisely, Jonathan would transition somewhere between Bardon Mill and Halwistle and stride the streets of the Great Border City on Saturdays and Sundays reassuringly dressed as a man.

Further temptation led Jonathan to legally change his name to India Scarlett and have a £14,000 sex change in an NHS hospital in Brighton.

There followed an appearance on Celebrity Big Brother where Britain’s self-proclaimed ‘first transgender newsreader’ was voted off at the first opportunity by the knuckle-dragging transphobic bigots watching at home.

Since then, India has travelled to Spain for more surgery. A ‘drastic’ 11-hour long facial feminisation procedure involved shaving his brow bone and orbital lobes around the eyes, blepharoplasty to open and widen the eyes, a facelift, lip lift and a hair transplant.

Thing is, if India’s always really been a real woman, why does he need all of this surgery?


At this point, your humble author must reveal another interest while he kicks the closet door off its hinges. Regular readers may already have guessed that I suffer a never-mentioned but remarkably common condition called ‘gender phoria.’ Yes, I have a man’s mind trapped in a man’s body – hence all the trains and Wendyball.

Would you believe it, Mrs AWS has a woman’s mind in a woman’s body. They say that opposites attract. In the fake mainstream media, the AWSs, and millions of other couples just like us, are ignored in a blizzard of LGBTQI+++ and self-defined identity politics clap-trap where men being men and women being women has become an un-sayable taboo.


As further proof that India is a big girl, she now spends her time seeking attention on TV and social media by squealing about ‘transphobia’. Via the usual tax dodge, his fees for such are paid to a company whose filed accounts show that India makes a living, rather than a fortune, from being the London bubble’s go-to token bad-tempered tranny.

When covering India’s story, The Sun newspaper published the following:

GP referrals for gender dysphoria treatments are usually followed by an assessment by a psychiatrist or another specialist doctor before treatment begins.

In 2014 there were 172 sex operations on the NHS— double the 83 of a decade earlier — costing taxpayers at least £2 million.

On average, the waiting time for a sex change therapy is nine months for adults and half this time for kids.

It is this lengthy process involving professional physicians that Nicola Sturgeon (who herself has transitioned into Jimmy Krankie) recently abolished, allowing anybody to define as anything unchallenged, and permitting the dangerous nonsense of rapists being able to self-define themselves into women’s jails.

This gender recognition reform bill having been recently overturned by the Westminster government, Question Time from Glasgow allows the BBC an opportunity for a woman-hating tranny-fest. Speaking of which, my friend reports India Willoughby to be a standoffish and unpleasant individual. It will be interesting to see if he can avoid being self-defeatingly obnoxious during tonight’s programme.

Arrival in Scotland allows for QT Review’s regular reminder that the SNP’s origins lie within Nazism, fascism, racism and sectarian bigotry. Arthur Donaldson, a founding father, was pictured with the Hitler Youth and urged Scots to side with the Germans while Clydebank was being bombed by the Luftwaffe. Another founding father, Andrew Dewar Gibb, quoted Hitler in his speeches and was a self-confessed fascist who expressed a visceral hatred of foreigners.

Question one, are Scottish teachers worth a ten percent pay rise? The questioner was a teacher who’d recently been on strike for three days. She forgot to remind us that she had also withdrawn her labour for six weeks during the summer, for fourteen days at Easter and Christmas and also during three week-long half terms and goodness knows how many bank holidays and ‘training’ days.

John Lamont (Labour) said wage rises had to be kept down to lower inflation. His mother had been a teacher. Jenny Gilruth (SNP) trumped that. She had been a teacher herself before entering politics and her ‘wee sister’ is a teacher now. Having said that, Scotland’s SNP government aren’t doing to give their teachers a 10% pay rise because of the Tory party’s recklessness with the economy.

Huskey-voiced India Willoughby was in favour of rises all round, partly because of the job but also because of the extra responsibilities such as ‘feeding the children’. ‘You absolutely deserve it,’ she concluded.

A teacher spoke from the audience. Somebody else wanted all the public sector to get a rise all at the same time. When quizzed by Bruce, the lady said the money required would appear from somewhere.

Ian Murray talked nonsense and blamed the Tories for everything. Meanwhile, rather than mentioning the pandemic, the Ukraine and suggesting our problems are shared globally, John Lamont just gawped like a simpleton.

John Lamont is the Tory MP for Berwick, Roxburgh and Selkirk, a reminder that just north of the border lie Loyal and prosperous Tory shires with the aforementioned Biggoted Lands not starting until much further north, closer to Scotland’s Glasgow-Edinburgh central belt.

John studied law at the University of Glasgow where he was awarded a first class honours degree before working as a solicitor in London and then Edinburgh. In 2007, the 46-year-old became MSP for Roxburgh and Berwickshire and subsequently entered the Westminster parliament in 2017.

John’s biggest donor is asset manager Ian McVeigh of Jupiter fund management. Formerly of Schroders and the honest brokers of Union Bank of Switzerland, Ian is an old boy of Oundle School (£42,000 per annum) and Merton College, Oxford. Jupiter manage £47 billion of assets in the City of London with Mr McVeigh having no connection with Berwickshire other than preferring it to be Tory blue on the map.

Ian Murray is the Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland and MP for Edinburgh South – the only Scottish Westminster constituency controlled by Labour. With one seat at Westminster and only 22 seats out of 129 in the Scottish Parliament, one wonders what is the point of Scottish Labour?

A frothing-at-the-mouth Remainer, Murray graduated in Social Policy and Law at the University of Edinburgh’s Academy of Government. After graduation, Ian was a pension manager with Royal Blind and an executive at failed internet television station

In 2003, aged only 27, he entered the Westminster parliament where his declared interests include filling out numerous YouGov opinion polls at £100 a time, freebies to the Open and Edinburgh Tattoo and a mega freebie to Qatar. He is bigly supported by donations from trades unions.

Ella mentioned a stark class divide. A pay increase for 650 MPs costs the same as a 10% pay rise for millions of public sector workers she suggested ridiculously.

Somebody with a teacher as a partner spoke from the audience, followed by an ex-teacher. What’s wrong with Glasgow? Does nobody there work for the National Health Service?

A brave heart who ran a business spoke out in favour of the private sector.

Question two addressed ‘gender reform’ legislation.

Squeaky voiced Jenny said blocking Scotland’s legislation was unprecedented and blamed the embarrassment over rapists being sent to women’s jails on predatory men rather than predatory men being allowed to define as women.

Jenny Gilruth has been the SNP MSP for Mid Fife and Glenrothes since 2016. She is a graduate of Glasgow University and holds a degree in Sociology and Politics. Further studies saw her awarded a postgraduate qualification in Education from the University of Strathclyde, allowing her to embark on a career in teaching. Rising to be Principal Teacher of Social Subjects at St. Columba’s Roman Catholic High School, Dunfermline, Jenny boasts on her Wikipedia page of marking exams for the Scottish Qualifications Authority and of being a published author.

You know what’s coming next.

Her mighty work, National 4/5 Modern Studies: Comprehensive Textbook to Learn CfE Topics sits a disappointing 220,027th on the Amazon best sellers list. A full 171,481 places behind The 120 Days of Sodom, the Marquis de Sade’s ancient study of BDSM topics.

Not to be completely outdone by the pervy Marquis, Jenny is ‘married’ to a woman – Kezia Dugdale, one-time leader of the Scottish Labour Party.

India thought this was horrible. There are bad trans people and they deserve to go to a jail suitable for them. She blamed the transphobic media for the controversy. 1,000 negative articles a month. Tranny’s can apply to go to a women’s prison but there is a process to go through. Bruce contradicted India and quoted a named case. Willoughby got all mixed up and asked which jail would she should be sent to if she’d been attacked.

Ella said the issue was whether the individual was a man or a woman as that would decide which prison they would be incarcerated in. She asked the question of Jenny who flannelled. Politicians have given up on the reality that sex is real and immutable, concluded Ella. Why believe anything politicians or the legal system say?

Ella and India accused each other of being in the gutter.

Ella Whelan is a London media type, her forte being as a freelance writer, public speaker and columnist in Spiked magazine. Having grown up on an inner-city London estate she studied English Literature at the University of Sussex. Her speciality is feminism.

A lady in the audience said you can’t change sex. India said she hadn’t because she’d always been a woman and had surgery to align her mind with her body (I think). India self-defined as if a victim of racism in the 1970s which got a groan. The other panellists having had a long rest while the ladies were allowed to monologue, Bruce picked on John Lamont.

He said it was wrong that the prisoner concerned, Briceson, should be put in a woman’s prison. We all know what a woman is. There is a process to go through to change gender. Required safeguards weren’t in place with the blocked Scottish legislation.

Ella had the final word. She said she is the only person on the panel who reflects the common sense of the nation. The issue is about truth and falsehood with the other panellists feeding us nonsense. Clown world is the phrase she was looking for. India had the final final word saying listening to Ella was like listening to a lecture on same-sex couples in the 1970s.

The final question was about the IMF’s pessimistic Brexit day forecast.

John wanted to defeat Putin and allow the Bank of England to reduce inflation. The IMF are not always accurate. Ian said the Tories had crashed the economy six months ago. Did they? A solution, wondered Bruce? Ian listed intentions rather than policies.

Ella blamed a lack of productivity going back many decades. Rather than aiming for growth, the Tories were obsessed with taxing us. The Labour party are no better, banning development in the North Sea while wind farms and solar panels fail to provide. Jenny blamed Brexit, yawn. India couldn’t see any growth. Erm, yours is in a jar at the hospital, love.


Speaking of donations, on behalf of Swiss Bob and myself I must thank Puffins for their generosity earlier this week. The sum raised was well beyond expectations and provided a welcome boost both financially and, equally importantly on the battlefield, to morale.

The Puffin is a generous bird, many thanks.

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