OTF (Own Two Feet) Party, Part Three

What a government should do (or not) and at which level

An argument for the structure and role

A brief look at what I believe governments should do at what level. I have only gone into a little detail at the national level and left the rest as a list.

Why differing roles at differing levels all clearly separated is important

There are a couple of reasons for separating out responsibilities. All funding at each level to be purely raised from the electorate/businesses within their areas of responsibility.

  1. To make sure that each lower area is viable and can fund its own services. Important that an area that cannot use local resources is allowed to wither and die. Not be propped up when there are no prospects.
  2. Building on that, separation of powers and funding gives votes much more importance. It would be less likely for good counsellors to lose seats due to protest votes. And a vote for the central government won’t impact what happens at the local level.

One policy here: The scope of governments mustn’t go beyond those requirements set out below. Enshrined in a new Magna Carta


Trade Agreements

Very important to our prosperity. We need to negotiate trade terms. They are long term agreements. Tariffs are falling around the world, but certain areas are still ‘protection rackets’ most notably the EU. All at GP I’m sure are for free trade. Although it can be argued that the UK, Japan & Korea all built up momentum to be the economic giants they were by being protectionist…


Strong armed forces deters anyone else from attacking us, leaving us safe and prosperous. Also at certain times it makes geopolitical sense to get involved around the world – but that doesn’t mean being the world’s policeman. It didn’t hurt the USA when it was isolationist.

Spying would also be under the defence remit?


Due to the requirements of services that take time to expand, as well as new housing, it is important that the flow of people coming into the country is managed.

National Laws

Everyone should be treated fairly under the law. It is important that with new technologies and new ways of living, that the law reflects this. Sometimes case law needs bringing together into one body. This has worked pretty well for nearly 1000 years now.

Overseeing the Structure of the Legal System

The judiciary needs to be independent, but it is still the duty of governments to decide the system of courts. Also what level funds each. Also the licence of practitioners needs to be overseen?

Coordination of policing – Including International

For me Scotland Yard should be the base for national policing issues as well as a well of experts to offer to the counties. Obviously there are international bodies such as Interpol too to liaise with.

Coordination of Health Emergencies

As bad as the government was over covid; we had good plans in place ready, even if in the details some of it fell apart, which I give some leeway on. So we need some strategic planning – maybe?

Coordination of National Transport Systems

We need a national road system (& some rail, and even occasionally still, canals). The central government would fund Motorways/trunk roads, liaising with the counties to tie them up with A roads.

National Taxation

Government cannot be done for free. Simple forms of taxation should bring in sufficient stable income to cover these rolls. All taxes to be targeted, and to make sense for the purpose for which they are raised.

Break Up Monopolies

Big food, farming, retailing, pharma, media, building, are of a size they can turn a government from looking after their population to looking after their vested interests. Needs to be a maximum size, otherwise we will be ruled by these vested interests (if we’re not already) instead.
Science needs to be overseen and fraudulent practice clamped down on.


  • Policing
  • Local Law Administration
  • County Roads
  • Local Taxation – Probably rates
  • Fire Service?


  • Bins
  • Council Tips: Free for all. Possibly separate sites for green waste.
  • Flood Defences
  • Parks
  • Social Services
  • Local Planning
  • Debtor Prisons
  • Overseeing Elections


Whatever parish councils do…

Some things a government shouldn’t be involved in

Government ownership means a sector fighting for a slice of the tax pie. Private ownership allows people to choose how much they are prepared to pay. Imagine if the phone system was still government owned. So here are a few sectors that governments shouldn’t be trusted to go near.

  • Money
  • Interfering in other country’s affairs – too blatantly at least!
  • Industry
  • Trying to be involved directly in people’s lives (includes property rights), a couple of prominent sectors being health & education.


Distinct roles for each level of government
Each level’s taxes to be raised directly from their area of governance.

Next up – starting to put some meat on the bones: Part 4: Reducing Bureaucracy.

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