Russia has this under control

“Storm damage” by Western Area Power Admin is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The extreme left liberals of Europe and this country have placed the western world in extreme danger. Their obsession with new green deal and green power has placed Europe in a position that it may never recover from.

Germany in particular has a big, big problem and Russia is playing that to its full. By closing down the greenest energy plants, nuclear facilities, and now relying on Russian imports of gas and oil, put all their people at risk. Putin is far smarter than the majority of leaders and certainly 1000 times smarter than the fool we have in the White House.

Here in Biden’s America, we have gone from being a net exporter of oil and paying under $2 a gallon at the pumps for gas, to now having to import just under 40% of our energy needs from OPEC and – wait for it – Russia!! So now we are paying Russia ( not a friend ) billions of dollars for a product we have more of than any nation, and are watching as Russia expands spending on its military while we are destroying ours. All the time Russia and Putin are just laughing at us. All this happened in under a year under this terrible administration and we feel the hurt every time we fill our cars.

Below is a sample list of countries in Western Europe who, because of feel good, illogical decisions made on energy agendas pushed by the extreme left, have left their people in dire straights and the world facing energy prices we couldn’t have imagined under President Trump. America, gird your loins, bend over and prepare to be harshly and anally inserted by the energy sector as I am sure we will see gas prices here going up faster than a spacecraft as the Russia/Ukraine deal plays out.

Germany, having closed nuclear energy plants which, by the way, as I mentioned above, are the cleanest energy plants available to supply large amounts of power, had to look else where and Russia stepped up! That is what the $11 billion Nord Stream 2 undersea pipeline between Russia and Germany is all about. Germany is in Putins pocket if it wants to keep the lights on! Putin can turn the tap off and not lose a cent as China has promised to make up any losses Russia would suffer.

England spent billions on alternate wind and solar power and it failed. The technology to supply enough power is not there. It too is relying on energy imports!!

When we look at data from the EU, we see energy imports jumped over 65% this year so far and 38% of natural gas used now comes from – yep! You guessed it! Russia!!

The idiot in the WH says that if Russia attacks Ukraine he will stop the final construction of the Nord Stream2 pipeline so it cannot go on line. He also says that any invasion of Ukraine would result in “swift and severe costs” to Russia. What a joke. How long do you think Germany for instance will allow that? As the lights go out as Putin stops delivery of gas and oil to Germany, if you think for a moment that either Germany or China or any other EU member country will support the idiot in the WH, for more than 5 minutes, you are wrong.

Our toothless and idiotic leader and his administration is as weak and pitiful as a guard dog with no teeth and no bark! A joke. The world knows this but most dangerously so does Putin and the Chinese, North Korean and Iranian leadership. They witnessed America’s worse moment at the chaotic withdrawal of Afghanistan which showed our enemy our weakened belly. Interestingly, the same incompetent General who screwed that up royally, is now in charge of our operations in Ukraine if we withdraw!! Anyone see a problem here?

Putin is a brilliant leader. Smart. Ruthless. A man only interested in restoring the power to Russia. He is a former KGB leader ( some say he still is ) and is a master of strategy and psych ops. He never dreamt in his wildest dreams that America would be so vulnerable or led by a mentally challenged dim wit. If anyone knows how to play us it’s Putin.

America. If you remember the gas crisis of the 70’s, I believe that will seem like kids play if this plays out as it looks like it will. Oil reached about $138 a barrel in the 70’s and I think that figure will be higher in 2022/23 if we do not stop the insanity which is this administrations energy agenda. $5 to $7 a gallon at the pumps is not out of the question. Remember that higher gas prices affect everything you buy. Everything from food to electronics.

Who to blame? Only one person. The usurper illegally occupying the Peoples House. His pandering to extremists in his party and his policy of putting America last, could bring this nation to a standstill and put the world in a war situation. Oil prices exceeded $93 a barrel as I write this missive. I project much higher prices and much higher pain.

Fred Brownbill at the Save America Foundation.

Fred Brownbill 2022