My Legends of Pop Music – Part Thirty-Two – The Small Faces

If get this right, there will be many cover versions by future bands. I shall try and link live versions if they exist from the tellybox or a film, the sound quality may not be the best, but there is nothing like watching a real talent live.

So, in a sort of chronological order, my thirty second legends are: The Small Faces

They only lasted 4 years with a limited amount for a back catalogue.  However, what they did, was quite superb.

Curtesy of Wiki

Small Faces were an English rock band from London, founded in 1965. The group originally consisted of Steve MarriottRonnie LaneKenney Jones and Jimmy Winston, with Ian McLagan replacing Winston as the band’s keyboardist in 1966. The band was one of the most acclaimed and influential mod groups of the 1960s, recording hit songs such as “Itchycoo Park“, “Lazy Sunday“, “All or Nothing“, and “Tin Soldier“, as well as their concept Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake. They evolved into one of the UK’s most successful psychedelic bands until 1969.

When Marriott left to form Humble Pie, Small Faces did not disband. The remaining three members collaborated with Ronnie Wood, Ronnie’s older brother Art WoodRod Stewart, and Kim Gardner, releasing four tracks under the name of Quiet Melon, after which Art Wood and Kim Gardner departed the situation and the remaining five members became Faces, except in North America, where this group’s first album was credited to Small Faces. This practice was continued on all subsequent North American reissues of the album.

Following the breakup of both Faces and Humble Pie, the classic line-up of the band re-formed (consisting of Marriott, Lane, McLagan and Jones) during the later parts of that year after a re-release of “Itchycoo Park” became a top-ten hit. Lane left shortly thereafter, and was replaced by Rick Wills (later of Foreigner). This line-up (dubbed Mk-II by Marriott) recorded one album Playmates before recruiting Jimmy McCulloch. This five-piece line-up released only 78 in the Shade before breaking up.

Small Faces have been considered one of the early inspirations for – and even an early root of – the later Britpop movement. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012.

Principal members

  • Kenney Jones– drums, percussion, vocals (1965–1969, 1975–1978)
  • Ronnie Lane– bass guitar, vocals, guitar (1965–1969, 1975; died 1997)
  • Steve Marriott– vocals, guitar, harmonica, keyboards (1965–1968, 1975–1978; died 1991)
  • Ian McLagan– keyboards, vocals, guitar, bass (1965–1969, 1975–1978; died 2014)

 A full discography is here: The Small Faces

What’cha Gonna Do About It? (1966) – First hit they had.  Nowhere as good as what follows though.

I’ve Got Mine – Super song this, for me, the start of the real sound of the Small Faces.

Sha La La La Lee (1966)  TV show in 1966.  Marriot belting this one out.

Hey Girl (1966) – if you look at Marriot it is hard not to thing of Paul Weller.

My Mind’s Eye – Rare Promo Film, December 1966

I can’t make it (1967)

Here Come The Nice – Beat Club show June 24, 1967

The Universal (Colour Promo Clip) – Very Dylanesque.

Itchycoo Park. HD in colour. {HQ Stereo}.  Possibly their most famous song, a true classic.

Tin Soldier (good quality) – Superb tune.  Often gets posted on a Friday.

Lazy Sunday Afternoon – pretty sure Blur copied Marriot’s voice for Park Life,

Mad John – not released as a single, but great tune.  Good introduction on this from Professor Stanley Unwin.  For those who have never heard of Stanley Unwin, he was very funny indeed.

As a special treat, here is 4 great songs from Steve Marriot’s “Packet of Three Live in London” 1985. Then 10 mins. interview with Steve.

Singalong, enjoy and be happy!

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