The Rebel Alliance

Freedom protest, Oxford St. 26th June 2021
© Swiss Bob, Going Postal 2021

Not a Star Wars fan but this morning while thinking about the protest it did strike me that the people marching were a good representation of society. The left, the right, people with no real interest in politics. Every race, creed and colour etc. You might say it was quite diverse. In many cases they also bore a fair resemblance to characters out of the Star Wars bar. One thing they did all have in common was wanting our freedoms and rights back. Rights the government neither have the lawful power nor right to take away.

A shaky start, although I did check that Trafalgar Square was open, it wasn’t. Thanks Fan Zone. Many chose to head to Hyde Park but many made it to Pall Mall East where some twenty of us waited until my recce party, the fantastic Mr Tachybaptus, a man who could give your average squaddie a run for their money on a 25 mile route march, with pack was relaying his location and updates on the route to be taken.

Edgware Road? Good grief, what would be the point in going that way? Fortunately Mr Roger Tallbloke of Tallbloke’s Workshop, @RogTallbloke on Twitter, informed me that they would be heading down Oxford St. Relieved we set off.

Arriving at the junction of Ox. St. and Duke St. fingers were crossed that Roger was right. I shouldn’t have worried and it soon became clear we wouldn’t have to wait long. At one point vans of riot squad police turned up, but then headed off down Ox. St. away from the protest, though not Before Gordon Brown, Prime Minister asked if they knew which route the protest was taking. Apparently they didn’t. A big clue to its location is to be found if you look up into the sky. . .

We watched a while from the pavement as people streamed passed and managed to pick up a few stray puffins. I talked to a man and his wife with young child in tow, said hello and asked if it was his first time. He said he’d been coming for the past year and more and more people he knew were joining in. Speak to anyone there and you will hear similar stories. You could say there’s a ‘Great Awakening’.

This young lady was one of the most photographed people on the protest.

© Swiss Bob, Going Postal 2021

A sentiment I wholeheartedly agree with.

We then slipped amongst the protesters and headed off. Good-natured, no trouble whatsoever, even the police behaved. You get a fine perspective of the streets walking down the middle of the road, one of the many things to enjoy about the day. We took a right down Regent St. into Piccadilly Circus, then Regent Street Saint James’s. At which point it was suggested we break off for the picnic, a suggestion your lazy editor agreed with. For those of you sat at home, it’s a lot more tiring than it looks and we were fortuitously close to the picnic spot. A few fitter Postaliers carried on into Whitehall and Parliament Sq. so well done to all of you. I’m sure none of you were involved in throwing all those tennis balls into Downing St.

The rest of us had some food, and thanks to the superhuman Mr Tachybaptus anyone who wanted one had a nice cold beer to drink.

A big thank you to all who came and those of you who supported Going Postal in one way or another. Special thanks to Mr Tachybaptus and Mr AWS for all their help.

© Swiss Bob 2021

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