“It’s for your own safety”

Joshua Dalton, Going Postal
Saddam Hussein shortly before his long drop, with a quick stop
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  • Saddam Hussain
  • Pol Pot
  • Joseph Stalin
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Boris Johnson

The more pedantic sections of our grand old society will point out that 2020 was not the start of a new decade, rather, the end of one. So as we embark into our new glorious global position outside of the European Union we can but hope that brighter times are to come. Gone is the desolate, doomed, demeaning, dreadful, dreary, dark, desperate, decade ending year of 2020. A year where Englishman were deprived of freedoms without fight, consent or respect. Where England again became a Cromwellian dictatorship that saw Christmas banned, but only for some. Because apparently certain folk are more equal than others. Divide and conquer comes to mind. Hmmmmmmmmmm….

‘Lockdown ends’ was the in vogue political lie. Out of solitary confinement to a cage in the yard. Presented with our congratulatory meal upon our release from the hole. A three, then four tier wedding cake of faeces, vomit, knob cheese and nail clippings. Out of lockdown to tier three then to four for much of the country. As the Holme Valley in West Yorkshire, on the edge of the Peak District, has its rural population confined to tier three across all of our ‘socially distanced’ villages. A shoplifter slammed into the same cell as a rabid pedophile, that is the corrupted and rancid Kirklees metropolitan council. What a joke, a facade, a tool of compliance this all is. Boris is a weak dictator mentally dominated by his eco loon bimbo bed warmer. He is a spineless jelly of a man ruled by advisers, sage, Whitty, Valance, his cabinet of yes men and the tart who tickles his pickle.

Buuuuut not for loooong!!!! Shock horror, lockdown commences again. Four whole days after the terrible 2020 supposedly ended, till the lemmings realised the nightmare has just begun. Yard time is over, out of the cage back into isolation. One dares think of the words which Einstein once spoke. FORGET THAT! Let’s do the exact same thing ONCE AGAIN because this time IT WILL BE DIFFERENT! Definitely not insanity. How about we all punch ourselves in the nose repeatedly to prevent our ability to sneeze, and just pray before ‘the holy granters of freedom’, Parliament, that we don’t break our cartilage beyond recognition and just mush our flesh flat, so we cannot spread plague riddled germs. Boris is ridiculous, an inept fool, deserving of public ridicule and more for his treasonous actions against the British people.

Or am I just wrong? Is he a strong leader? A man of principle! An establishment man who does as his establishment peers would wish him to do so? Is a man commanded by the Westminster bubble? Damn him, and damn him to eternal doom! He has brought more wrath, despair, misery and real world suffering unto our nation than anyone since Mr Hitler. A leader of the ‘conservative’ party seemingly commanded by the elites of the, similarly, anti-British, anti-English and anti-freedom Labour Party. The shifty looking, nonce defending, Kier Starmer calls for lockdown, and ‘thus spake Boristhustra’ no argument, no debate or even deliberation before the supposed representatives of this nation. Just a diktat from a dictator. What a shameful leader unfit to lead even this shambles of a fledgling nation.

‘No good coppers
Only robbers
Of freedom
With gleedom

Fascist that comply
And never ask why
They are so hated
Their hell created

We must all fight
For every right
To freely drink
To live and think’


© Joshua Dalton 2021

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