Something’s Wrong With The FFRC – Episode 1

The voyages of the Wankpuffin and crew through cyberspace

The following short video is a fictional account of an imaginary craft and crew searching the far reaches of cyberspace.
All characters are the result of a very sick mind and any familiarity to persons living, dead or commenting on Going Postal is purely incidental.

If you are offended or upset by any part or character portrayed in this video.
Seek help from a certified councillor, phone the Samaritans or better still have a stiff drink and get over yourself, you’re not the centre of the universe.

To any budding actors, actresses or indeterminant genders or species who wish to be considered for any part in future productions.
Please send a 8 x 10 glossy glamour photo (with or without bathing costume) to Knobhouse Productions.


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