Calling home from the front

Recently I have been listening to some Russian songs from the Afghanistan war and because I copy/paste some Russian erms to search further now youtube seems confused about my nationality and sometimes offers me Russian and also Ukrainian videos.   The latest from a Ukrainian channel (details below) was posted on 16th Feb and contains some fairly hard hitting clips of the situation in Adviika.  But what I found most interesting is the comments.  They are all in Russian or Ukrainian but I have translated the most popular which, I think give some insight into the actual opinions of the Ukraine public. Something never reported by our press except in selective vox pops.

It is a bit of a pain but it is possible to get youtube to auto-translate and pick up some conversation.

Clips in the video:-

0:34  Two tanks fleeing Adviika.  One on fire.  Video taken from a vehicle keen to overtake.

1:04  Fighters in a building.  One says ‘Lunch from above, my machine gun has jammed’

2:30  Spokesman for commander says they are outnumbered but it still makes sense to defend the city and stay.

3:29  A wounded soldier in Adviika abandoned with 5 comrades speaks to his girlfriend on video from phone.

4:33  The coke plant

5:18  A vehicle with 3 passenger leaving Adviika.   A shell lands nearby.  One says ‘Why is this so slow!’

6:18 3rd Azov brigade.  Soldier leans on tree.  Says ‘Pov,  I am alive’

Some of the most popular of the 3,000 comments:

Note that Ze and Zelya are short nicknames for Zelensky.

Only speculators, generals, staff officers and prostitutes can love war. During wartime they lived like never before, and they also managed to make money like never before.” – Ernest Hemingway – 298 likes

Since when did we start abandoning our wounded? Why the hell do we need this Avdeevka? It is not worth the torment and lives of our best guys. Someone wise said that until we see the children of officials and functionaries on the battlefield, there can be no talk of any justice. O Almighty, give strength to our warriors to survive! – 741 likes

Ze demanded “revitalization of the front”; now losses for the sake of political ambitions are the personal responsibility of the president!! – 678 likes

Ze and his outstanding managers – go to that dugout to save wounded soldiers!  –  636 likes

We need generals and not boiler masters. The blood and lives of the lads are on your conscience, but this will not pass without a trace, please.    – 776 likes

This is how commanders take care of their warriors, the heart breaks and the images – 717 likes

It looks like Mariupol is all wrong. Zelya in her repertoire – 194 likes

It’s not the fighters’ fault that they can’t evacuate their wounded brothers-in-arms, the fault lies with these commanders, who in words seem to say that the priority for them is the fighter’s life, but in reality they screwed up the moment if there was an urgent need to evacuate, go to preparations position. I understand that it’s difficult if you are a commander, but if you can’t, then go and fight as a soldier. Those generals believed that in Avdiivtsi they could no longer remove the enemy from the stink?????. Zelensky knows. Only fools cannot understand why changes were made in the ZSU administration. It’s a pity.  – 225 likes

Commanders only worry about their own skins            – 319 likes

Why weren’t the wounded taken out? I feed what? How can I get rid of it? You criticize Russia, but why do you criticize them?              –  613 likes

Save the wounded soldiers, please!!!!!            –  319 likes

Zelya immediately exchanged commanders for mediocre boiler masters!  –  371 likes

Poor children, poor mother, who took a wing to kill the child     – 447 likes

Бідні діти,бідна мати де взяти крила,щоб дитину врятувати

An alternative and probably better translation is

Poor children, poor mothers, where to get wings to save their children

I have included the following reply to this comment just because I found it interesting:-

Poor children, poor mothers… just for what? For those stubborn people who don’t get drunk

Where is our everything for fighters: weapons, planes, shells??? Thrown to certain death!!! Did you go abroad yourself?!         –  142 likes

Zaluzhny was fired for wanting to save the lives of our soldiers and lead them out of hell. Syrsky took the visor and left the brigades in the cauldron                – 258 likes

I think there is something that they are not telling us.  Why are the Russians fighting like this?  One more push and the Russians were supposed to crumble away.  They are getting stronger and stronger.

(this comment had actually disappeared when I returned to do this collation but I remember it distinctly).

You can draw your own conclusions but it seems to me that Zelensky’s position is more fragile than Putins just now.

No comments of Glory to Ukraine.

Featured image: “Ukraine. Flag colors” by carefulweb

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